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  • WriteRight2016 - Don't be silly and sign up for a free sample on their web page. They want your credit card number before shipping.

    I haven't bought this yet, but am still researching it. ProbioSlim appears both hated and loved. Possibly, those good reviews are from paid people. I went to the ProbioSlim website and almost signed up for a free sample. I had filled in everything up to a point: When the site asked for my credit card number, is when I backed out and decided against a free sample. Then I closed the tab.

  • Adina Decker - Stinks. Needs days to set before use. BUT IT WORKS! Great smooth, shiny results. Some tips included...

    Ok first things first. You can not use this in a house that is being lived in... The smell as others have said is terrible. You also need to use the proper safety gear to apply this product.

  • Amazon Customer - great series

    always wonderful books. this was a gift for my daughter in law and the short format is perfect for her as she works a lot

  • Dave G - Excellent!

    Charles Murray does an excellent job of explaining (with good research) why our country is "Coming Apart". Having grown up in the 60's and 70's, I can see these conclusions in my own experiences. Ultimately, a lot of the problems we face today as a society could be reduced if we could figure out how we all start "Coming Together" a lot more. Good read and should be required reading for any high school or college civics or American history class.

  • Karen Gallinat - Love it!

    I love this book their is one part that is a little strange when she has a dream and well it's strange and I bursted out laughing when they taped that blurb of Matt and when they got back at then with the Justin scarecrow. this is one of my fav books.

  • Mohamed Dawy - The best ever published subject for Exchange 2010

    The impression I got when browsing this book is Oh my god! they are answering every question I got during my experience with Exchange 2010 since the launch of the product. Thanks for anyone who put efforts with this wonderfull add to the IT library.

  • Mary S. - Interesting read...

    What I've read so far, I've enjoyed. Don't know if Balz favors the Rebublican or the Democrat - his writing so far has been pretty impartial.