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  • William C Phillips - Worth the time from both sides of the political spectrum

    I am a conservative and during the election season many of my friends told me to check this movie out. I was skeptic because i tend to hate partisan documentaries. I was surprised how neutral the first two thirds of this movie are.

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    Great product, replaced the junky MTX Thunderform. I put Alpine gear from Crutchfield into this box. The box is a perfect fit under my rear seat in my 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 SLT Big Horn Edition Quad Cab. There is enough room between the rear wall and the box the standard sized Alpine amp. To properly wire the subs you need to do some wire magic, there could be some improvement in that feature, but overall very pleased with the value and quality. The seat rests on the subs but there's spacers if you want to use them. I chose not to, it does not materially affect the sound. The thing thumps well.

  • Amazon Customer - Great when operational, but...

    This model may have improved over the years, but I bought the 2005 version to replace a thoroughly gunked up Badger installed by the previous owner. The unit looks good, was easy to install and I was initially very happy with the operation-- as many reviews here indicate, it is very quiet and vibration free. It ran fine for the first three and a half years, then developed a small leak around the axle where it exits the bottom of the case. Dribble, dribble, dribble, but only when in use, so not a huge deal. Then at four years two months (two months out of warranty, heh, heh) the starter motor failed (For those that don't know, a garbage disposer contains two motors- one high torque unit to kick start it and a second to keep it spinning.) There was no way to repair that, not for the average user anyway.

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    This product is good.. It has cleaned my face just in a week when I started using it. My friends been asking me what I am using on my face.. I am so proud to tell everyone about this product.