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  • Rafael - Interesting Stuff

    A very interesting book with a lot of intense details about what the author believes is the founding of our country and the true motives behind it. I appreciate the author’s depth and quality of research. There were some dry moments in the book where I felt the author did too much in trying to explain things which made it a bit dull and tedious to read at times. However, I did get a lot out of it. Whether you believe in this stuff or not, it’s still interesting to read about. I appreciate Thomas Horn’s research and insights and may check out his other books.

  • Julia - Walt and Henry not only go to the motorcycle rally ...

    Walt and Henry not only go to the motorcycle rally, but Walt is helping investigate the accident of one of the bikers. He belongs to a biker gang and is in critical condition. The victim's mother is Lola. THE Lola that Henry's car is named after. She says she wants answers and she is really being very cooperative but, does she really want to know? Then they run into an ATF agent that is under cover in the gang. Vic shows up to help and they discover that the ATF agent has been murdered. Is it all connected? They will have to keep looking for answers to find out.

  • pznlonewolf - Extremely poor video and picture quality

    Video quality and picture quality was the equivalent of a camera phone from 10 years ago. Extremely poor quality. Grateful I tested it out before my trip otherwise I would have ended up with a bunch of grainy videos and pictures.

  • Lang 30 - Perfect Fit

    The fit is perfect. So much so, that it looks like the vehicle came with the liner already in it. The color matches perfectly to my interior. It has a lip that will help prevent spills from getting on the carpet. If you don't use the third row, this is a no brainer must buy.

  • N. Squier - Omgosh!

    Love this peel and am upset that the price has rose from $85 to $150!!!!!! Hmmmph! Why the suddent jump?????