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  • AdamFried - Great for throat, stomach and digestion issues.

    I've been having a lot of problems with my digestion and throat and acid reflux. I've spent so much money on probiotics, vitamins, et cetera, and this is by far the best thing i have tried. I am going to use this rest of my life. It really balances out my stomach.

  • Nicole - I was so happy when I found this product

    I was so happy when I found this product, the” Innovo INV-430J Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Oximetry Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor with silicon cover, batteries and lanyard FDA approved“. Because of the medical conditions that I have, I am always wanting to monitor my oxygen levels along with my heartrate. The Pulse Oximeter is defiantly a great buy. It comes in many different colors; (as seen in the pictures). The package includes a pink silicone cover to protect the pulse oximeter itself. It also comes with a pink lanyard which helps with caring the pulse oximeter. It also includes two AAA batteries. I am in love with my new pulse oximeter. It is really easy to use and it turns off all by itself.. I would recommend this item to anyone who is in the medical field and needs one for work; or to someone like me who likes to keep track of their oxygen levels and monitor their heart rate on a daily basis. The shipping was really fast and there was absolutely no damage to any of the items.

  • Amazon Customer - Make sure you get what you need!

    I bought the download version thinking it was like all the Deluxe versions I'd seen in the stores and included Federal, State, and efile, especially since it was the only Deluxe version I found on Amazon. The price had gone up $2 since I first looked at it a couple of hours earlier, and it stayed at $27 for the next couple of days, so I went ahead and bought it. It was only a day or two later that Amazon dropped the price to $17, and while it was frustrating, at least I had my tax software for the year...only I didn't!! I looked at the deal of the day today and saw that they had SEVERAL versions of the Deluxe software--some for Mac, some for PC, and some with and WITHOUT the State package!! Sure enough, I had gotten the one without the State package--so I had to end up buying it AGAIN, this time with the State software as well (it was cheaper than paying H&R Block $37 for the State program). At least it was "only" another $20. So I paid $47 to Amazon for software I could have gotten in the store for $36. I am VERY unhappy with the way Amazon incorrectly advertised this and randomly changed prices without giving me any recourse! Be aware...make SURE you get the right package, and read the fine print in the description to be sure you get what you think you are getting!!! (Actually even the fine print doesn't help, because the comparison chart in the description PLAINLY says that the Deluxe version includes one state's package as well--even though this version of the Deluxe software does NOT.)

  • g-star - PS4 camera can't pickup moves

    I think this game must play better with the motion wand, as no combination of lighting/distance/camera angle of the PS4 camera version plays well. The game switches dancers as it can't get a read on faces moving around. Dancing in-game doesn't seem able to pickup the correct hand doing the motions, unless you are wearing clothing that defines your body (we found white shirts were much more successful). Also, we found wearing a glove that is the opposite color of your shirt can improve the camera's ability to pickup your moves. If you're a perfectionist, though, you will be frustrated.

  • TechGeek - Efficacious sledgehammer

    I used Amazon.com because the website made it easy to find the particular hot plate I wanted -- from amongst many, many others. For my review of the Aroma AHP-303 hot plate (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0007QCRNU/ref=cm_cr_rev_prod_img), I must first admit that I'm probably flying under false colors, here. All I wanted was a simple hot plate...more precisely: a one cup coffee warmer. However, since I prefer those larger mugs (often used for soup), I've never been able to find a single mug warmer which would hold the larger sized coffee mug. I had no interest in cooking or reheating food...or even boiling water, for that matter. I just wanted a 'large-enough' coffee mug warmer.