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  • Sue Gambill-Read - Explosive side effect, not worth it

    I took this stuff for awhile before noticing my stools were perpetually loose. At first I thought it was the fish oil. After a particularly bad night when I had to take an antidiarrheal and ended up with a migraine, I got off all my supplements and added them back one by one. Sure enough it was the Schiff Move Free that restarted the diarrhea within 12 hours. Glad to see from these reviews that I am not the only one. And also, it did not do much for my knee pain. Coincidentally, my doctor prescribes about 1/3 the dose contained in this product. I will be trying a lower dose, different company (equiline).

  • ASMEQC - Works as intended at a great price.

    I used to use another brand, and this item came up while I was searching for something else on Amazon. I noticed that the price for the quantity was lower than what I have been paying in the past so I purchased it. The only difference is the odor is different, but it works just fine, for the price I will continue purchasing this item.

  • M. Paul - Best Roach spray you will ever find

    When we moved into our new home several years ago, life was grand. It was a beautiful subdivision, located in a "woodsy" area, surrounded by Maple and Plum trees. We certainly enjoyed those Fall and Winter months in our new home. Sadly, it wouldn't last. When Spring arrived, our neighborhood was literally invaded by thousands of nasty cockroaches. They were everywhere - in our kitchen, bathrooms, sinks and bedroom. I even caught one wiggling around in my Captain Crunch cereal. That was the last straw! Nothing interferes with the Captain. That very day, we called my brother-in-law, who works for a local Pest control company and bears an uncanny resemblance to Dale Gribble. He even drives a truck with a giant, plastic cockroach on top. Dale, I mean, my brother-in-law, recommended Bengal Roach Spray as the perfect, cost-effective solution. We immediately grabbed 10 cans of their strongest stuff and commenced to nuking. Within a week, our problem was gone. Little corpses piled up everywhere with detached legs and antenna scattered throughout the house. Now it might just be my imagination but, in the corner of my eye, I swear that I caught a fleeting glimpse of a tiny white flag being waved in the air. Good enough for me. Bengal works.