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  • tomatl - Very poor quality and customer service

    Very disappointed! The float arrived without the patch kit that was supposed to be included. Hoping that I would never need it, I called to request one any way. I was told that they would send one to me. They never did. I inflated the float and was careful to not over-inflate it and checked my dock to make sure there were no sharp edges that could puncture it. Two of us enjoyed it for about an hour. A few days later I found that it had a large stress tear (~2 inches across) in the lower section. I patch it but obviously the patch did not work or there is another leak somewhere else. The overall material is just too thin to hold up. I should have expected it. The cardboard box (from China) was also of such a poor quality that it was torn in shipment and was easy to tear apart. I have never written a negative review on any product until now. Save your money and disappointment.

  • Jim Jenkins - slot machines video games

    I was hoping for a more current slot machine video games instead of what I got where the older one however, I have enjoyed playing them.

  • Matt Hughes - The best kept secret I know of...

    If you want to learn SQL Server and BI...then this is the best $50.00 you'll ever spend. If you know nothing about SQL Server then it's best to back yourself up with a how-to book. In my quest to learn, I tried using SQL Express originally, it was free and downloadable...but it doesn't give you the learning experience the developer edition does. The developer edition has enterprise edition functionality...it's just a great learning tool...and I can't understand why it's such a secret. If you truly want to learn SQL Server 2012...this software is your best bet.

  • Houston - Great alternative

    Learned about this product at frys while shopping for a basic computer tower. This has a great look to it and saves space. very quiet and works perfect for those looking to browse the internet and music. I hooked this up to a dual monitor and have had no problems so far, just like any other computer ive ever used. As far as the other comment regarding choppiness, it might just be their internet connection. I played a 1080p music video in full screen without any glitches

  • William D Ragan - Working Great So Far

    Installed New NetGear Orbi a few days ago with little trouble and it is working great so far. I was a little surprised that even though I named the new router the same as my old Netgear router I had to re login every device even though the password and SSID were the same. Some printer problems but all is good now.

  • milkw0lves - My Holy Grail Shampoo

    This shampoo is really thick, and has a superbly thick lather. Finally, a shampoo that made me feel clean without making my hair feel dry. I took a shower (using the Oribe Signature Shampoo and Conditioner) at night, and seriously awoke with perfect, frizz-free hair. The shampoo also has a nice subtle, earthy scent, and the bottle looks really lovely in my bathroom!

  • nycvideogeek - This really helps you understand the Spreadsheet Program.

    The individual videos's are easy to follow along with and don't require any prior knowledge in order to figure out and understand the concepts being explained. Each individual video does a good job in explaining that part of the software. It's broken up into small lessons basically so you can do a few each day or just spend a few hours and watch a whole bunch at once.