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City: -98.3987 Texas, United States

  • Explosive Diorama - Recommend this for music/podcasts/phone calls

    Does two things and does them well. I listen to music or NPR in one ear at work and have the other ear free in case I am needed. Both sides (L &R) play in one ear. I have made phone calls and I can hear and be heard. I don't remember if it comes with a chare cable, but it's a standard micro USB so you probably already have a couple of those. I have had the charge last 3-4 hours listening to music at med-high volume. I have owned numerous bt headphones. I know this is a good product for the price. It performs well. I recommend this item. It's not as small as I'd expected but I'm not worried about appearances. It stays fine in my ear but made my ear sore the first day I wore it. After that no problem and it fits snug in my ear

  • Susan - doesn't work

    Well, one of these days I will accept the fact that the only "wrinkle repair" out there has the letters M.D. after his/her name. Don't waste your money. Buy cheap moisturizer and age gracefully. None of these claims are real.

  • Lori A. Rowe - Still had to have dealer program

    FOB arrived in usable condition, however tried to programm using included DIY instructions and didn't work. Had to still take to dealership to have FOB programmed. 2007 Toyota Tundra