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  • Robert G. - Great product but be careful

    Great product for the dash of a 1971 camero and the dash of a 1989 searay boat. Make sure you put it on evenly and use long swipes and overlap but watch the amount you use. Less is more or it will streak. Great results

  • FongCheng - Decent stroller

    Bought this after much consideration. Finally choose this because of the weight, it is lighter than most of the other strollers. Had been using the stroller for awhile now and to different terrains. So far so good. I consider the canopy to be big, material seems really durable for both the frame and linen. the bottom storage space is slightly small, not much room after my diaper bag. and because the stroller does not come with any accessories like cup holder, you will have to buy which incur additional cost. one new discovery of the not so good is that the tires seem to wear out pretty quick, after less than 1 month of usage, the tracks of the tires had wear out quite a bit and now when i use it on smooth flooring, it just glide through instead of rolling.

  • Geoffrey Openshaw - Easily Their Best Since "Futures"

    After three middling albums starting with 2007's "Chase This Light," it looks like our friends from Arizona decided once more to fiddle around with sonic textures and sounds, and the results are terrific. This is certainly not the best Jimmy Eat World album, and you'd be hard pressed to find the magic again to outdo "Clarity," one of the best records of the past half decade.

  • Ange32004 - Great

    Can't say much about a book , but it works...I like it better than Kaplan. It is worth getting. YEAH

  • Eohany - Liked it, but not sure I enjoyed it

    This is a rather strange, eclectic mix of of readings. Some I liked very much, others were off-putting and quite frankly, weird. I don't mean that in a negative way, but there doesn't seem to be an over-reaching theme to tie everything together neatly. The closest I can come to is that the readings made me think and consider. I will say that one of the reasons I chose this book was because of the Lemony Snicket mention. I had thought it might be something my middle schooler would enjoy. She may when she's older, but this collection is definitely not aimed at that crowd. There are some disturbing themes and language used in multiple stories. Personally, I wouldn't recommend this for any age younger than high school at the minimum. It's also not an easy read. I found myself putting it down, picking it back up, reading a few more stories then setting it aside again. I think my younger self would have enjoyed it a bit more than my older, more cynical present.

  • Amazon Customer - No Thanks!

    Yikes! I suffer from anxiety but was told by a promoter that thrive would help me feel better. She couldn't have been more wrong! Sweats, nauseous, heart palpitations, dizziness, de personalization, headaches, horrible anxiety. I continued to take it for the remaining 8 weeks, it was an awful experience. NEVER AGAIN. Do not recommend at all! Should have stopped after 1 day. The day after I finally stopped the pills I felt like I had the flu. Just can't believe the bogus hype that Thrive is for everyone because it clearly is NOT! I want those 8 weeks back.

  • Robert Gage - New American Bible, Catholic Ebook, Rev. Edn.

    Very confusing. Not very functional. So called "instructions" don't work or make much sense. I find