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    While it does its job, it's getting WAY too pricey. One expensive software for the federal, another chunk o' bucks for the state. I am cranky and feeling gouged. I am buying H&R lock for my business next year.

  • hannah westphall - Gets the job done

    these aren't the most insane knives ever, but they're plenty sharp and sturdy and get the job done. all the blades are serrated which i personally prefer about 98% of the time so i have no problems with that.

  • R.A. - She did like the pictures

    It's a cute idea for helping young kids start to think about the idea of comparison and context, but I found that the four year old I was reading this to didn't seem to understand what was being expressed *at all.* Even just a few more words of clarification early on in the text itself would've helped, I think. Of course we talked about each picture, and about what the story was trying to tell us, but her usual mountain of questions and her own generally spot-on explanations of what she's hearing and seeing dwindled to nothing while we read this together. I've never seen her remain silent through an entire book. She just didn't seem to see or care about what was being addressed at all, so it was, for her, just a series of "no" statements.She did like the pictures.

  • Kim Walters - GREAT book!!

    I love this book. Since reading it 3 more people in my company have bought it. It is well written and easy to understand. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

  • Kyle Land - 100% experiment executed, remodeling bathroom this weekend....

    One can only handle so many reviews of "niagra falls through a coffee straw" before the question of "I wonder if this stuff is legit." All I can say is that after only 20, TWENTY, of these little sugarless delights, I am now installing handicap rails in my bathroom and suggesting my work place make them manditory for each stall. After ripping off my toilet paper roller in an attempt to keep myself from becoming airborne, I now know there are two important reasons for these handicap rails: 1) they allow you to have something sturdy to clinch on without damaging walls, toilet paper rolls, above the tank cabinets, etc. 2) at some point, I know I levitated off the toilet and remained airborne for approximately 5 seconds as what I can only describe as the force of a Saturn 5 rocket exploded from my bottom. I would load pictures of what my bathroom and toilet looked like but am affraid Amazon will close my account. Had I been able to grab ahold of something and anchor myself to the toilet, say for instance like a handicap rail, I may have prevented what can only be desribed as Helen Keller playing with brown spray paint all over the back of my toilet and walls. There comes a point when wet wipes are no longer effective due to the magma exploding from Mt. St. Anus and burning sensitive areas of your tush. The wet wipes eventually spontaneously combust. I surrendered and just curled up in the fetal position in the shower and prayed the cold water would never run out. For $35 I got the most amazing abdominal workout of my life and cleansed every toxin known to man all at the same time. That typically costs hundreds of dollars!!

  • Erin DeGroot - Life Changing. Why didn't I discover these sooner?

    I am a young mom of 4 kids. And I have spent years feeling tired all day every day, waking up with headaches, and just generally feeling blah.