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  • Amazon Customer - Arrived quickly. Packaged well. Fit perfectly with no ...

    Arrived quickly. Packaged well. Fit perfectly with no leaks. Water flows much quicker now! A bit noisy when compared to the old filter, but perhaps this is due to the faster water flow.

  • Mollie - Worked ok on my chin, not my nose

    I purchased this mainly for the blackheads that I have on my nose and chin. I also get random breakouts on my cheek and hairline. I have used other household items such as hot compresses before squeezing, as well as bobbi pins. Both of those work decent, but when I saw a kit, and all of the options, I wanted to try it out. When it arrived, all of the tools were in a nice case, in their own section. The directions were nice because it told you which tool was for what kind of blemish. I do recommend that the tools themselves be labeled because I lost the paper (well my toddler hid it somewhere). So, now I guess. Before I lost the directions, I was able to use the white and black head tools on my chin and nose. My chin seemed to work ok, but nothing really helped on my nose. The tools are ok, and had I not gotten a discount, I would have been even more disappointed. Some worked better than others, but maybe my nose is just stubborn? Who knows.

  • Sam Horn - Solidworks 2011 Parts Bible

    I finally received this book. I have to say, first off, the font is to small, I need a bright light and magnifyer to read for long time. Maybe this is Wiley & Sons way of saving paper, I admit, I am 61 and have glasses. But I have an older SW book, and the font is larger by double.

  • Lori Hurley - Must have - Worth the investment

    My newly adopted cat had been urinating out of the litter box, and, after ruling out any physical issues with our vet, I searched for some product to possibly help with him anxiety and behavior. The Comfort Zone with Feliway diffuser was recommended to me by the vet and by some other experienced cat owners. The vet told us about Feliway and now I wouldn't be without it. It really works and I can tell when the adapter is empty by the action of the cat. I couldn't believe it when this product actually worked...but it did! We are so grateful!! I thought we may have to return our new cat, but he is awesome with this product. Do your cat a favor and just try it! It was an investment but worth him being back to normal and litter box issues are back to normal.