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  • DreamerNorth - Stops Itching and Skin's Reaction Immediately

    Best product when you run into an outbreak of poison ivy/poison oak. Researched and tried a variety of products. By far this one worked to shorten and subdue the skin's reaction, to the poison, once it had started to show and worsen. It is expensive and a very small tube, but I didn't want to suffer with the skin outbreak worsening or remaining longer than necessary. I ended up having to order another tube because my skin's delayed reaction lasted for about two weeks, in various spots on my body. Do remember the skin's reaction is not contagious or continue to spread. The outbreak is from the initial contact. You have to make sure you clean all things that came into contact with the poison, usually from your hands/fingers. Tools, clothes, keys, phone, door knobs, etc.........The price and quick shipping on Amazon was the best around!

  • Bruce B - Don't trust the paid endorsements

    The hardware for this system is very expensive. For $300 the only detection devices I have are one motion detector and two smoke alarms. I need to add at least two more of each and another keypad to have a complete system but wanted to give it a trial before I invested more. So far, customer service keeps me from making further investment. My smoke detectors need new batteries after less than one week of use and inquiries to customer service have gone unanswered. The devices themselves look like vintage 60s hardware. If you can store the phallic base system out of view you may be able to deal with the other devices. I wonder how much Simplisafe had to pay Clark Howard and Dave Ramsey for their endorsements. I really doubt either of them use this system to protect their homes.

  • Amazon Customer - I absolutely love these. I find these help me get a ...

    I absolutely love these. I find these help me get a more even coat on bigger projects where my fingers would start to hurt and make me hurry. Better buy 4 because as soon as the family and neighbors see them they'll go missing.

  • I don't expect that much - Solid machine, not well designed for incline walking however

    First of all, make no mistake: this thing is very, VERY large: even folded be aware that it requires a good solid 3 feet of clearance at the top of the tread, and probably 2 feet by the bottom of it. If you are extremely limited on space, I do NOT recommend this machine: unfortunately the space need is actually a product of extremely poor product design: the tread COULD fold up further, but because the LCD unit at the top sticks forward so far there simply isn't clearance for it.

  • Amazon Customer - I loved this book and cannot wait to continue this new ...

    I loved this book and cannot wait to continue this new series. I am an avid Shade follower and this series is very different from what Bella has done before. The series is called The Gender Game but it is nothing like the hunger games so please do not prejudge this book. I fell in love with Violet and Viggo and want to learn so much more from them. This story could very well be our future.

  • Landon cassill - You can't take down the mighty poo pourri

    I used 4 sprays and launched my worst in and it couldn't take down the poo pourri. Poo Pourri has me beat 2-0 but I will not give up.