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  • oxreigns - Highly anticipated but definitely left us wondering why.

    The original film brought audiences from all movie preferences together to enjoy a film ment for all not just sci fi fans. This film was just filled with rushed dialog, next to no character development, shotty situational based scenes, and relied entirely on a ticking clock meant to speed the movie along like it was on some conveyer belt.

  • Norma Garza - I am very happy I tried this product and will let my friends ...

    I will continue using this product as it does magic for many uses including acne flareups and inflammation of the skin. I am very happy I tried this product and will let my friends and family try it themselves as they may see results too.

  • awblazek - Not impressed

    I was not impressed with this at all. All it is is a large poster like calendar that has bubblewrap attached to it. It is not a good design mainly because all the months run together there is no separation at all. I had received this item at a discount for my honest and unbiased review. I myself will not use it but will give it to my granddaughter she may have fun with it so that's why I'm giving it a three star. This item really needs to be re-designed and when it is it could be a great product but right now it is not.

  • francisco - fit comfortable using the correct of rubber fr your ear

    When I received this I saw all the pieces it came with and I was confuse. but all pieces have their use. Different sizes in ear rubbers, 2 types of plastic around your ear to hold the headset. fit comfortable using the correct of rubber fr your ear. The volume is a little low for me but people didn't complain about noise or low volume, just in my side I will like 10%. music can be hear, sound good.

  • Dyann - Hate it. Big

    Hate it.Big, Bulky, hard to store, used it twice and food was not good. Probably good for someone else, just not for me.