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  • Ricky Reviews - Great Product

    So I sat on my couch and watched every single one of these videos and I didn't lose a single pound. Let's just hope season two is better.

  • Frank W. MacLean - Out of Reach

    Like most, we have been MS Office users for many years, and have always upgraded both our business and home systems with new releases as they came out, and were always willing to pay the somewhat reasonable upgrade pricing. MS Office 2010 is a whole differant story, and simply out of reach for us. We can not aford the prices they are asking. Since we are running Office 2007 Small Business Addition, and need/want Publisher, and Business Contact Manager, we would not only have to pay full price for replacement (not upgrade) software, but would have to move up to the Professional version at $499, rather than the $279 we paid to upgrade last time around, or almost double the price. I do not know what we will do in the future. We are very concerned as to the direction the software industry is going. Very little value added, but at a very high price. Hopefully this time they have shot themselves in the foot.

  • shaw - granted I have knees that probably need to be replace so maybe I'm not the best choice for this

    I got little relief from this product, granted I have knees that probably need to be replace so maybe I'm not the best choice for this supplement

  • Rita - It is magic

    This product works wonders. Within a week I saw a huge difference. My vet is always giving me a hard time about my dogs teeth even though I brush them. He gets lots of plaque because of the shape of his mouth. After using Fresh Breath Clean Teeth Gel, now my vet is pleased. It really works like magic and I love that I don't have to use a tooth brush because I apply it better using my finger. My dog is not crazy about the spearmint favor (he does tolerate it and cooperates), but he would like it better if was peanut butter or chicken flavored.