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  • katherine h - LUSH, HERBACEOUS BOUQUET

    I simply love this particular Triple AAA+ Kashmir Lavender Essential Oil by Pyre Body Naturals as it is a superior high-altitude lavender oil, Kashmiri jewel is complex and sweet with a lush, herbaceous bouquet. Kashmir Lavender Essential Oil offers a fresh and sweet fragrance that blends well with almost any other essence, it becomes more flowery when it evolves.

  • Ponyo - Everything you need to know

    The book of course is the standard. Has everything you need to know to get your knowledge of cosmetology started. It is something you will refer to long after you have acquired your license.

  • Nate 😆🎓💻 🎧 🎮🔌🚵🌲🔧 🔨 ⛺ - Very nice. Extremely bright. 2 cells!

    Like many other people here im a hiker and mountain biker, but that not necessary all this headlight is good for. I don't normally go out hiking or biking at night but I wanted an head light just in case I ever got lost or stranded. This LED headlight will do the trick. It is very bright and lasts a very long time. I would of liked a red mode a lot because it is great for using it you need to turn off the head light and much easier on your eyes to adjust from red light then white light but it is okay it doesn't its very bright white. It seems to be well-made and sturdy, yet very light. It also has several adjustable positions so you can get the light just where you need it. It does run fully on lion cell batteries so that something you keep in mind is not easy to switch out the batteries was in AAA's lying around the house but for this the price you pay for having such a small headlamp. the size makes it great for caring in your pocket or throwing in a backpack for a hiking trip. Recharged its a pain but its worth it. I did receive this product at a discount in order to use and review and i can say that i do recommend this product as a great value and I would recommend. Five out of five stars. Overall for the price point I think it is a great product.

  • Yooper30 - Complete set

    Only used a few of them but they seem strong and up to the tasks I've used them on so far. Awesome set for the price the roll up bag doesn't really secure the bigger wrenches as the top can't fold over them. But I w I usd recommend this product to people.

  • Zakiya - i will say that having this in interferes with my other radio stations when i dont feel like listening to my phone but i rarely

    i have had this product since may and it has been working very well even though i bumped it one day and now the voice is stuck in spanish but i don't mind since i also speak spanish the sound is very clear and i almost never got disconnected or the frequency messed up and the usb port works very well. i will say that having this in interferes with my other radio stations when i dont feel like listening to my phone but i rarely not want to listen so that is also ok

  • Amazon Customer - MasterBrain!

    I have now tried MasterBrain for about 2 weeks and it has been awesome! The AM has helped me wake up in the morning and has helped set me up for the rest of the day! The PM I had some challenges with mainly because of my work schedule I wasn't able to get a full 8 hours of sleep all the time! With that said the nights I was able to take it and get a full 8 hours I saw a positive difference! This is definitely a product I love using and will continue to use in the future!

  • Regular consumer - I love the natural remedies the best and this is great stuff

    I have a hard time sleeping at night and don't like to feel groggy in the morning with heavy duty pills. This stuff helps on those nights I just cant seem to get to sleep. I like this because it is natural and not a chemical that your adding to your body. I have taken this 2 nights in a row and last night was the best sleep I had gotten in a week and I was so relieved that it worked. If you have a time sleeping and you haven't tried this type of product before its definately worth a try. Natural is definately better for you too then the nighttime liquid stuff that's full of alcohol to make you sleep. If I want alcohol I'll take a shot of whiskey. Hopefully this stuff can work for you like it worked for me.