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  • James Chaffin - We had one loose tile in our bathroom and I ...

    We had one loose tile in our bathroom and I was able to use a drill bit to make small holes and put the fix a floor in the holes to fill in the bottom area where the tile is. We haven't had any more issues with the tile being loose at all.

  • A Hopeless Romantic's Booklandia - Sexy and fun. This one gets 5 Stars from me.

    Italy is hands down my number one place to visit on my bucket list. Whenever the chance to read a book that takes place there comes up, I jump on it. Especially when it's by an author like R.S. Grey. Her stories are always on point. Full of humor and just enough angst to keep me satisfied.

  • Bosendorfer - I highly recommend this product

    I highly recommend this product. I balked at first about getting this or putting out the money for it. I am very glad I did in the long run. I use this spray lacquer to finish wood products. It is extremely useful for this purpose and helps me apply a balanced finish coat.

  • Elliott C. Zink - Dangerous toy!

    Directions very confusing. Tried to do the test, and as it turns out it just shoots you five times. Thankfully only purchased the five pack rather than a larger size. Cost of hospital visit was certainly not worth purchase.

  • finger foot - Wow, amazing stuff.

    I've used other Howard brand products before with good results.So I thought I'd try this one out to see how it would work.I was totally amazed! The results were amazing and wonderful. The table looks like new! It filled in every scratch and sign of use our little table had. The only place it didn't work as well on was the area where the table splits in half.One side of the table has an area that is just slightly higher than the other side. So the raised side has become very worn on the corner and that one corner didn't get 'restored' as well as the rest of the table. That corner is still lighter but it is also still better than it was before I used the product. This stuff is wonderful, I wish I knew about it sooner.