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  • John NJ - It Works

    It works. I followed the directions. Put in with almost empty tank. about 2-3 gallons of gas. I ran the car until almost empty. About 20-30 miles. Then refilled. (Please note: My Cat was not completly clogged. I do not know if the will work miracles on clogged cat.)

  • Roddyboy649 - Good Read!!

    Very good read! Very detailed! Well researched! Perhaps a bit too repetitive. It is eye opening to realize that this country was built on the foundations of idolatry and satanic worship!

  • Ronald Joseph Lorette - Product had a dent in eco and it did not ...

    Product had a dent in eco and it did not work. I ended up going to RV dealer to buy another where I could test with multimeter before purchasing.

  • Laura A. Fitzgerald - Digital artwork program for beginners

    The AutoDesk Sketchpro 2011 program was relatively easy to install as per its instructions included, and I had a rough time adjusting to its on-screen guidance methods, but it came out really great! I strongly recommend it for digital beginners & novices eager to get the hang of this special field!

  • Amazon Customer - Not recommended for high arches

    Did not realize they were slip-ons and I have a high arch. Almost impossible to get on as there is no give across top of shoe. Nice looking shoe but I can't wear them. Next time I order shoes I'll make sure I read the description better and not rely on photo only.

  • Scott - Good turntable that is very easy to use.

    I've been looking for a good little turntable for a while now, they are getting harder to find. If you like vinyl, you already know that nothing really compares to the sound, so when I came across this one I had to give it a try. Here are my thoughts: