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  • Vincent - Easy Read with Deep Insights

    This is a great book. I can understand why it's been such a staple for Operations Management courses. I read it for a grad. Op. Mgmt class. It's an easy, entertaining read (in narrative form), and it uses easy to relate to example to illustrate important concepts. I've never worked in manufacturing, and I don't plan to, but this book opened my eyes a lot of widely useful ideas about creating/managing effective processes.

  • Bianca Reagan - Better than drugs

    I was given this product by my doctor and it seemed to be effective although I did have to take many pills a day when my allergies were bad. However, I started getting migraines every day and eventually realized it was from this product. I believe it may have been the nettle. I also do not like that they use magnesium stearate which has a lot of negative effects. I have switched to Thorne and Pure Encapsulations products.

  • Ian Y. - Pretty good bang for your buck, but...

    I don't know if it's the intended design, but the base doesn't fit snugly (it doesn't "click") on to the neck of the monitor, for both of the 2 monitors that I bought for my desktop PC. Also, the height of the monitor seems a bit short so I might have to get a monitor stand(s).

  • Barbara Cheney - Calcium, Lime, and Rust Remover ...

    I have some severe hard water and calcium deposits on the bathtub in my apartment. This product has not removed the problem entirely but has come a long way in getting it clean. Now I feel like I am getting into a reasonably clean shower. Even straight bleach has not helped as much as CLR. I am going to use the soray bottle form daily.