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  • NJBS - New formula does not work & Worst Customer Service EVER!

    The reason there are so many mixed reviews about whether Proactive works or not is because the original formula worked, but the new formula doesn't. And, as if that is not frustrating enough, their customer service sucks. They've always had poor customer service, but I use to put up with it because the product worked really well. Since the product doesn't work anymore they should shut down the operation, but they know people will believe the new formula works because the old one did so well. But not you, because you've been warned! I even heard from several people that the new formula causes huge puss filled zits to pop up on your face with continued use. When I brought this up to their customer service they told me "that happens because it's bringing all the impurities up and out." They'll say anything to get all the money they can until all the reviews say the same thing and they have no leg to stand on.

  • Nick - Almost perfect...

    Well, I finally found at least one thing the venerable gorilla glue won't adhere to: car steering wheel vinyl (and presumably any other vinyl, too. Was trying to make a mount for my cell phone directly on my steering wheel for GPS use (watch out airbag deployment, though!) and found that gorilla won't adhere. Very surprised.

  • selinasmedley - The absolute worst.

    I have been cleaning houses professionally for almost 11 years and I have watched floor after floor being ruined by this product. Heed my warning: your floor will need to be refinished by year 2 or sooner if you use this. Vinegar/Water is the ONLY way to keep your hard or engineered wood clean without haze or dulling.

  • Nandita Ghosh - If you are looking for super sleek straight hair

    Loving this product. I am gonna give you honest review here. If you are looking for super sleek straight hair, this is not for you. Go for a flat iron. But if you love straight with volumn, bounce and body like blow dry, this will ease you life. You will get exactly blow dried dry but a lot more faster than that. This product will save your time and effort. Blow drying my hair generally takes minimum 40 minutes for me, it takes only 10 minutes. That too with a lot lesser heat than hair dryer. I truly truly recomend this product who loves blow dryed hair.

  • Amazon Customer - OK product

    The product does what was promised but, was less that what I felt I could achieve with less expensive product mixtures in just putting in a little more time. Also to expensive for the amount of product. Good luck with sales but, I will not be purchasing again.

  • Amazon Customer - Amazing Stuff, Really!

    Actually, I haven't had the chance to use this recently shipped order but I've used Spray & Forget before and it is simply amazing. It takes a few months to show it's effect but it really works.

  • ChickyHK - Very Pleasant Surprise

    I have very fine hair and live in a humid climate. I have been trying for years to find a shampoo that left me with some volume, but didn't leave hair feeling rough. I bought this based on the reviews, but was not holding out much hope. Wow! Was I wrong, even after the first time I could feel the difference. I am sold! Best hair product I have used. I have short, fine hair so I use a lot less than the recommended number of pumps.