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  • Amazon Customer - No Hassle / No Worries

    I have had my home with its septic system for 35 years. I have always used Rid-X in addition to the 2 main rules of septic tank health - pump occasionally and keep the grease to a minimum when possible. My septic system has never failed or caused problems. I think Rid-X has helped keep the system in good shape.

  • Dana Bohlen - Didn't work at all

    I bought this in hopes that it would help me along with my weight loss endeavors...but to no avail :( I'm not sure that it worked on my as a carb inhibitor at all actually! I still had carb cravings and thought this was suppose to help curb that. I just had to rely on good ole will power!

  • LadyBlue - Must taste horrible

    This seems to work "when I can get my cat to take it." He hates the taste even when I sneak it into tuna water or fishy cat foods. Too bad it doesn't have a desirable flavor. It only takes a few drops each day but getting those few drops administered is hard to do