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A2X Anxiety Remedy for Calm and Focus | Anxiety Reviews | 30 Day Supply Available - A2X for anxiety relief is the leading natural remedy to help you feel calm, relaxed, and at ease each and every day. The natural ingredients in A2X can help to fight anxiety.

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  • MT57 - A magical ripoff

    Maybe there are wannabes out there who would pay $6800 for speaker cables but they aren't in my league. I've paid at least twice, thrice and um, more than thrice, times $6800 for speaker cables at my several mansions around the world. $6800 speaker cables? I might use them to hang Christmas lights on my Greenwich mansion, or to serve as chains on my Ferrari when I drive it through the snow in Aspen, Vail or Tahoe. Or for leashes when I walk my Dobermans. Or actually when my dog walkers walk my Dobermans - they growl and bark at me when I go near them. I hear Larry King uses these as suspenders. In Dubai, they call these shoelaces. Chuck Norris flosses with them. $6800 speaker cables? As if.

  • Kara Carrero {Extremely Good Parenting} - Second time clek owner - favorite seat around!

    This is my second clek fllo car seat and I LOVE it. The fabric is different from the first drift car seat I purchased which makes them look like they don't match, but I think it's because it's easier to clean now. HIGHLY recommend this seat as it's easy to install and love the high rear-facing limit. I have a 2.5 year old in one and a 4 month old in the other (would have had her in one sooner, but the infant insert to put her shoulders at the correct height wasn't available.) Thanks for an awesome product Clek!

  • Some Useless Geek - Typical Thrunite excellence

    What can I say about Thrunite that hasn't already been said? This is great stuff. I have this as my ECD light, replacing a very nice and compact sub-200 lumen light. (Note that this *is* an EDC light and not something meant to be weapon-mounted.)

  • Meda - My 3 yo loves it

    I purchased ours at toys r us for $99.00 and I've noticed it's running about that price everywhere else beside amazon so look around. My 3 yo loves this especially the camera and the drawing ap. I bought a dora game to go with it and it came with 1 or 2 other aps. I wish the downloadable aps were cheaper. And yes, rechargable batteries would make it at 5 star product.

  • Amazon Customer - Finally!

    a good "spaghetti mop" as we used to call them. My old one was so old it left more strings behind than stayed on! Decided to try this after reading the reviews and I could not be happier. This mop gets into places no sponge mop can reach and, once I got the hang of it, rings out very easily.

  • Jennifer Anderson - Best Hair Investment... Period.

    This tool is a godsend. I've only touched my flat iron once, since purchasing this item. I've also put this puppy through the ringer. I've even used it on my hair after having it up the night before where my hair had air dried from a wet up do with plenty of product to give that natural curly look. It stood up to the test and even produced better results with the presence of the previous product. Surprised as even the instructional booklet explained that clean hair works best.