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  • Amazon Customer - Poor Quality

    I ordered the front mats for my 2016 Hyundai Elantra and they came in a fairly timely manner I think they're flimsy. Compared to the nice heavy duty Hyundai mats I removed, there is no comparison in the weight and the WeatherTech are overpriced for the quality. I could have done better for quality at WalMart.

  • Susan and Larry - In my opinion useless

    I have used this product successfully for years to prepare and e-file our Federal and state returns. I am a retired professional in this field. I have purchased this product through Amazon the prior few years but this year received a promotional mailing in December and purchased it directly from HR Block (a mistake as Amazon has it cheaper). Long story short... prepared our joint returns as per usual and when completed printed a copy to review for completeness and accuracy of data entry before e-filing as this is a wise thing to do. If you e-file and then "print a copy for your files" it is too late to correct anything. Note that the returns had passed all of the audit tests performed by the software and it said ready to file. After making a few minor data entry edits and re-processing thru all the program audits with no issues then tried to e-file but software would not let me as it said I already printed a paper copy for mail filing. Tried many times unsuccessfully and then contacted customer service via chat. Reply message in broken English said once you print return you cannot e-file. Interesting that the software allows you to change your mind and abort e-file and go back to paper according to Help feature but not the other way in this experience. Then using the software I re-prepared the entire returns from scratch with a different file name, did not click print, but the software would still not let me e-file this totally new and separate return. Called customer service and after a long wait got an ESL phone rep who said this shouldn't be, the software should let me click e-file after printing a paper copy. He had me upload the return and said I did every thing correctly and he couldn't get it to work either. He verified I had purchased the correct product that included e-file. He said he would have to "escalate it" and I would get a phone call withing 24-48 hours with a solution and an email with a case number within an hour. It's been a week and have received neither. I did receive two customer satisfaction emails asking if I was pleased with the "solution to my issue" which of course I was never given and I replied appropriately. I will be pursuing a refund from HR Block but am not holding my breath. Note... after not getting the promised phone call within 48 hours I couldn't fool around anymore with these clowns and prepared and e-filed our Federal and state returns using TurboTax on-line provided free to me by a mutual fund. I was pleasantly surprised and found TurboTax more robust in some of the more complicated areas such as foreign tax credits, etc. and generally a better product in my opinion... and it worked!

  • Stanley - great

    great. It was exactly like the picture. The book was in perfect quality! I'm very satisfied with it! Thank you!

  • Suzy Parker - Guilt-free shopping!!

    Fun shopping at super reasonable prices!! Just make sure you read the description of your item before making your purchase so you are sure of what you are buying. So far, I have been very happy with all of my purchases! Things take a little longer to arrive, but, trust me, it's worth the wait!!

  • 5.0 Engine - Bad bag, low quality

    I was not that impressed with the Timbuk2 Navigator Duffel bag. It doesn't hold itself in shape unless you were to fill it fully. The material is thin, and plasticy. The stitching on the end panels is crooked. The zipper are stiff, and jam up. The overall quality is way below typical Timbuk2's other products I have owned, in fact the quality is the lowest I have seen on any similar bag.