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  • Happy Dad - Really helped with brown mildew

    We had brown staining in many areas of our siding and window trim. I diluted this as instructed and sprayed on - it got rid of a significant (though not all) of the staining. I will try another application to see if it continues to lighten the staining, but overall this seems to work well.

  • Susan B - Bubble Time!

    I bought this to help my four year old grandson acquire a better grasp of time. He's always asking if special events are here yet, like his birthday, Halloween, Christmas etc. I wanted him to see the whole year and better be able to judge how long one day, week and month are. He enjoys popping the bubbles and seems surprised at how long it will be before he can pop the next one. Only problem is that he wants to pop lots of them and finds it hard to restrict himself to just one.

  • Olde Guy - The New Yorker is the New Yorker

    What more can I say except that the New Yorker is the New Yorker, which speaks of excellence in itself. Having become accustomed to the print version during the many years that I have been a subscriber it takes a little bit of getting used to reading it on a Kindle, being the Olde Guy that I am, but I am coming around to becoming familiar with this "new fangled" kind of media.

  • Bruce Gibbens - Trying Not To Buy A New Truck

    I am a long-time user of Lucas Oil Stabilizer. I used it in a new truck that I purchased in 1998, and put well over a million miles on it without ever having to add oil between oil change intervals of 12-15000 miles in a 3406 E engine. I purchased this truck used, so I'm trying to see if Lucas can postpone an engine rebuild.

  • Erik - Shark is a great company that makes great vacuums.

    I just felt like writing a quick review. I think this review is more about Shark as a company rather than the vacuum, but I'll try to cover both.