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Acupuncture in Shaftesbury | Acupuncture Here | Dorset, Wiltshire - Home for Acupuncture Here in Shaftesbury, Dorset bordering Wiltshire & Somerset. Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Cupping, Ear acupuncture, Massage, Herbs.

  • https://www.acupuncturehere.co.uk/training/ My Training | Acupuncture Here | Dorset, Wiltshire - About Me, Training & experience, About Acupuncture, Herbs and massage in Shaftesbury & Gillingham, Dorset, next to Wilshire and Somerset.
  • https://www.acupuncturehere.co.uk/about-acupuncture/ About Acupuncture | Acupuncture Here | Dorset, Wiltshire - What is Acupuncture? How it works and how it can help you. Find out more about auricular acupuncture, Scalp acupuncture, moxibustion and cupping.
  • https://www.acupuncturehere.co.uk/uses-for-acupuncture/ Treatment | Acupuncture Here | Dorset, Wiltshire - Acupuncture Treatment, used throughout history for pain and dysfunction, menstrual problems, digestive problems, skin diseases, fertility, stress & insomnia
  • https://www.acupuncturehere.co.uk/alignment-bodywork/ Bodywork | Acupuncture Here | Dorset, Wiltshire - Alignment & Bodywork at Acupuncture Here, Shaftesbury & Gillingham, Dorset. Gentle release of strain & tension in joints & muscles, corrects posture.
  • https://www.acupuncturehere.co.uk/deep-tissue-massage/ Massage | Acupuncture Here | Dorset, Wiltshire - Deep Tissue Massage at Acupuncture Here in Shaftesbury, Dorset. Relieve pain, muscular aches and strains, maintain flexibility, wellbeing and calm.
  • https://www.acupuncturehere.co.uk/cranial-balancing/ Cranial | Acupuncture Here | Dorset, Wiltshire - Cranial Balancing Therapy at Acupuncture Here in Shaftesbury & Gillingham, Dorset. Gentle and soothing therapy to restore Cranio-sacral Rhythm & vitality.
  • https://www.acupuncturehere.co.uk/news-acupuncture-shaftesbury-dorset/ News & Updates | Acupuncture Here | Dorset, Wiltshire - Acupuncture Here News. Information, updates and events, Shaftesbury, Dorset & Wilshire, Read about news & research findings in the efficacy of Acupuncture
  • https://www.acupuncturehere.co.uk/contact-us/ Contact | Acupuncture Here | Dorset, Wiltshire - For appointments in Shaftesbury & Gillingham, Dorset, or for information contact Lisa, email: [email protected], Tel & Text: 07809 156925
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  • https://www.acupuncturehere.co.uk/acupuncture-earns-occupational-code-u-s/ Acupuncture earns occupational code in U.S.A. | Acupuncture Here | Dorset, Wiltshire - Acupuncture earns occupational code in U.S.A. "A milestone event for the profession" click link for full report by NCCAOM
  • https://www.acupuncturehere.co.uk/689-2/ New CT Scans Reveal Acupuncture Points | Acupuncture Here | Dorset, Wiltshire - CT Scans reveal Acupuncture points. CT scans revealed clear distinctions between the non-acupuncture point and acupuncture point anatomical structures
  • https://www.acupuncturehere.co.uk/acupuncture-relieves-arthritis-knee-pain/ Acupuncture Relieves Arthritis Knee Pain | Acupuncture Here | Dorset, Wiltshire - Acupuncture relieves arthritis knee pain according to study investigating effectiveness of electroacupuncture & moxibustion, by Zhoushan Hospital.
  • https://www.acupuncturehere.co.uk/acupuncture-relieves-rhinitis/ Acupuncture Relieves Rhinitis | Acupuncture Here | Dorset, Wiltshire - Acupuncture relieves rhinitis, oral ulcers, swelling & post nasal drip according to a study by Shanghai Journal of Acupuncture and Moxibustion.

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  • Rebecca L - Pole dancer's best friend

    When I had started pole fitness two years ago I had to most difficult time maintaining my grip. I sweat excessivly and even went to the doctors and was prescribed a medication. Even with this medication I was unable to stay on the pole or perform simple spins without slipping. I found dry hands and it turned out to be exactally what I needed. I still have to apply it every 10min or so but my performance has never been better. The final cure to my sweating problem was using Dry Hands and a gymnastics/rock climbing grip powder together. Now I never have to worry about hurting myself from slippage again :)

  • b.deren - Bright but...

    This light is very bright but very compact so it doesn't really stay cool long enough to be used at its highest setting for long. I use it with 18650 and it runs forever on lower settings. The brightest setting would probably damage the light and or battery if run for too long. It gets too hot to comfortably handle especially in summer months. I'd recommend the TK22 U2 as a superior light with much better cooling capacity. Have both and the TK22 @ 650lm sees much more use. This one just sits in the car in case of an emergency. Might actually sell it down the line. I'd say stay away from these compact lights unless you absolutely need the most brightness in the smallest package without the need to run it for long periods.

  • Amazon Customer - DON'T BOTHER.

    Really cheap plastic item. Doesn't fit correctly or look anything like the other 3 hubcaps on my 2011 Camry.