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Diabetic Care Wasilla, AK | Adonai Diabetes & Endocrinology Center - The Adonai Diabetes & Endocrinology Center serves the needs of patients with diabetes, hormone imbalances and metabolic disorders in Wasilla, AK.

  • http://www.adecteam.org/MedicalProviders/tabid/2056/Default.aspx Thyroid Disease Wasilla, AK | Adonai Diabetes & Endocrinology Center - At Adonai Diabetes & Endocrinology Center our primary physician is a doctor you can be assured is committed to your health care.
  • http://www.adecteam.org/DiabetesServices/tabid/2058/Default.aspx Diabetes Treatment Wasilla, AK | Adonai Diabetes & Endocrinology Center - We use the latest medications and technologies to care for persons of all ages and with all types of diabetes. Contact us today at 907-357-2332.
  • http://www.adecteam.org/PatientInformation/tabid/2069/Default.aspx Metabolism Wasilla, AK | Adonai Diabetes & Endocrinology Center - At Adonai Diabetes & Endocrinology Center, our goal is to provide you and your family compassionate care.

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  • Metropixie - The iVapo is a nice simple case to use

    The iVapo is a nice simple case to use. The ipad and pencil both fit snug and I'm not worried about either falling out. The material is a softer flexible rubber, which I prefer because it has good grip to hold and I believe offers better protection in a fall. Hard cases don't absorb impacts well and often shatter, so I was looking for a case that was softer and could absorb the shock of a fall. The stand works well in all orientations. I got the case in the black and the cover texture is just understated enough while still being attractive. If I have a complaint it is that the magnets are a little under powered. Sometimes the cover will open if you are holding the ipad upside down or have the ipad in your bag hing side down. I'm planning on gluing a couple extra magnets to the cover to give it more grip. I'd definitely suggest this case to anyone who wants a smart, affordable case to hold the pencil and ipad together.

  • Shirlisa Harris - Winning Combination

    We have one computer for the whole family, which covers a large spectrum of needs and interests. The Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus has successfully intercepted so many potential dangers for our system, and has been wonderfully supported by a very knowledgeable Webroot Team. Great combination of security for our family--from the youngest to the oldest!

  • Victoria - My favorite eye cream I've ever used

    This smells so good and I love the way it makes it makes my skin feel. It is a beautiful bottle and like how it comes out so not too waste product. Make sure you clean the nozzle after each use. The only thing I would like about the product is if there was some indicator to let me know when my product was running low. I've started to see improvements around my eyes. I would highly recommend it this product. I love the packaging. The pump is super easy to use. I bought many eye products and some of them very expensive but this is way better. I use it every morning and night.😊😊😊

  • Kelly - Perfect for beginners!

    I love this kit and I loved the price of it! This is a basic kit for getting started with EOs and it's been pretty amazing so far. I am already out of Eucalyptus. I'm newer to EOs but they seem to be good quality. I would recommend this set especially if you are just starting with EOs! The EOs that come in here are so versitile and can help in so many different ways!

  • Kim S. - Review from Kim...

    Excellent book! Easy and quick to find and understand the steps to do anything with EXCEL. Highly recommend.

  • Laurdess Valentino - After Party

    I have been using this stuff for about 10 years now. This is one product that I hope to God never stops being made. Not only does it smell awesome (to me) but it makes my hair feel so soft and smooth. I have very thick hair, and I have colored it as long as I can remember. SO if I left it alone and blow dried it (and that was it), its not overly frizzy but just enough to look like it might be damaged. When I use after party on it, I use it much differently then it says on the directions, I put a half squirt in my hair while its wet then dry it. I know my hair so overly dry and doing this on a normal head of hair might make it look and feel greasy. However its perfect for me. I then flat iron it and it will last and look awesome for three days. After 3 days of not washing it, my hair looks disgusting no matter what product is in it. And when I say looks awesome I mean like Jennifer Aniston's hair awesome. Its shiny and smooth. I do attribute it all to Bed head after party because it never looks awesome when I don't use it.