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ADHD-Brain - People throughout history have had what is now considered an ADHD Brain, most of whom did not have the benefit of a specific means of diagnosis or treatment.

  • http://www.adhd-brain.com/what-is-adhd.html What is ADHD? - Just What is ADHD? When first confronted with a friend or family member who has been told they may have ADHD this is the first question that comes to mind.
  • http://www.adhd-brain.com/adhd-predominantly-inattentive.html ADHD Predominantly Inattentive - When you say ADHD predominantly Inattentive it is important to review the history of ADHD, its nomenclature, and how this term relates to the other subtypes.
  • http://www.adhd-brain.com/dsm-iv-adhd.html DSM IV ADHD - DSM stands for Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders was first produced in 1952. In May of 2013 the APA published its latest version the DSM V.
  • http://www.adhd-brain.com/history-of-adhd.html History of ADHD - The history of ADHD is fascinating - Cases where the symptoms now known as ADHD were described by physicians as early as Hippocrates 350 BC.
  • http://www.adhd-brain.com/adhd-clinical-trials.html ADHD Clinical Trials - ADHD clinical trials play an important role in defining the symptoms, the best treatment, appropriate therapy, the possible consequences of untreated ADHD.
  • http://www.adhd-brain.com/causes-of-adhd.html Causes of ADHD - There are many factors that relate to the cause which means that each ADHD case is different. Determining the causes and subsequently completely curing the condition is not an exact science.
  • http://www.adhd-brain.com/causes-effects-of-adhd.html Causes Effects of ADHD - No one has been able to put their finger on the exact causes effects of ADHD symptoms. In most cases it is believed to be inherited and linked to genetics. However, there are other potential causes.
  • http://www.adhd-brain.com/do-i-have-adhd.html Do I Have ADHD? - : Do I have ADHD? There must be a reason why you are asking that question. Are you experiencing symptoms that relate to inattention?
  • http://www.adhd-brain.com/adhd-test.html ADHD Test - There is no test that can diagnose ADHD. Testing for ADHD must be done in conjunction with a complete history, to rule out the many other possible causes of the symptoms that are a concern.
  • http://www.adhd-brain.com/adhd-cure.html ADHD Cure - Finding an ADHD cure is on many peoples wish list. View any claim that states they have a 100% ADHD cure with their product or book with a degree of skepticism.
  • http://www.adhd-brain.com/adhd-drugs.html ADHD Drugs - ADHD drugs are often an important part of treatment of ADHD symptoms. These drugs are able to demonstrate dramatic improvement in the common symptoms of ADHD.
  • http://www.adhd-brain.com/adhd-medications.html ADHD Medications - ADHD medications can be very effective in controlling the symptoms. Most medications approved for use in ADHD are stimulants. There are also several non-stimulant medications approved for use.
  • http://www.adhd-brain.com/adhd-natural-treatment.html ADHD Natural Treatment - An ADHD natural treatment method presents a symptom management program which does not consist of synthetic medications such as Ritalin or Adderall.
  • http://www.adhd-brain.com/adhd-treatments.html ADHD Treatments - Like treatments for many mental illnesses, ADHD treatments can include a wide variety of therapies. Many people do best with medication, while others benefit from alternative therapies.
  • http://www.adhd-brain.com/adhd-in-adults.html ADHD in Adults - ADHD is no longer considered a disorder that only effects children. Research continues to improve knowledge of ADHD and its presence in adults.
  • http://www.adhd-brain.com/adhd-in-children.html ADHD in Children - ADHD in children is a medical term used to describe a condition where the sufferer has a very short attention span and is easily distracted and restless.
  • http://www.adhd-brain.com/adhd-and.html ADHD and... - ADHD and symptoms of other illness can be seen in the same person at the same time, whether autism, bipolar or depression.
  • http://www.adhd-brain.com/coping-with-adhd.html Coping With ADHD - Coping with ADHD offers hope for any adult, child or parent who has to deal with the day to day frustrations of having this disorder.
  • http://www.adhd-brain.com/famous-people-with-adhd.html Famous People with ADHD - Knowing there are many famous people with ADHD should serve as a big encouragement for you or a loved one who might also have ADHD.
  • http://www.adhd-brain.com/assistive-technology-for-adhd.html Assistive Technology for ADHD - Assistive technology for ADHD means any technology (software, hardware or device) that assists individuals with ADHD to initiate, complete, or even remember to get done, those tasks in life

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