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AgriPoint | Serviços de Informação no Agronegócio - AgriPoint | Serviços de Informação no Agronegócio - A AgriPoint tem como missão contribuir para a evolução de diversas cadeias produtivas do agronegócio através de serviços de informação especializada, como portais especializados de conteúdo, revistas técnicas, organização e promoção de simpósios, viagens técnicas, programas de treinamentos online e consultoria em inteligência de mercado.

Country:, South America, BR

City: -43.2192 , Brazil

  • Favorite Things Cattery - A Mainstay in my Cattery For Healthy Hair and Skin

    I've used Mane 'N Tail for years on the cats in my cattery. It's great for their hair and also seems to aid in healing problem spots on their skin.

  • Lauren Zakaib - PREGNITUDE IS GREAT!

    I have PCOS and take pregnitude every morning in my OJ. It has helped overall with all of my hormonal symptoms/issues. Combined with a gluten and dairy free diet, my blood results came back and the doctor said they were phenomenal! I've been on pregnitude for about a year and it has been very helpful! I lost a few pounds, my skin cleared up, my hair is thickening (on my head) and thinning on my face. I know its for other issues as well, but if you have PCOS please try it!

  • M.Sanchez - I recommend this for purposes of menstrual control

    I was very worried about the insertion of this... watched some youtube videos explaining the anatomy of how this would be placed and accommodated inside and it worked perfectly. I seriously prefer this to pads/tampons 1,000X more. Ladies, give this weird little contraption a chance!

  • Victor Hugo Padilla - A new era of GaGa!

    I absolutely love this album. Love that it's a rock album but with pop, funk, alternative vibes. GaGa sure knows what she's doing. We evolve with her on this journey. I really love Million Reasons, Joanne, Hey Girl featuring Florence Welch, Sinner's Prayer, Diamond Heart, & A-Yo. I couldn't be more proud of her. She has done well. I'm sure any true Lady GaGa fan will enjoy this new album.

  • A.C.W. - Humanity's Decline

    This seemingly innocuous device grins forebodingly at me, like the disembodied grin of The Cheshire Cat. A sense of impending doom slices through me, like the barbarous teeth of this slicer through vulnerable banana flesh.

  • Frank Biafore III - Does it come with a roof strap?

    I am planning a long trip and don't have room in my car. Does the binder come with a strap so that I can strap it to the roof of my car?

  • Debbie Hunter - i love it. exactly as listed

    i love it. exactly as listed. it just is a little large and won't do too well with wear and tear to be pulled in and out and shoved around a lot, but i love the coloring pages on each week and it has plenty of space to write things down. i just would say to try to make the outside a bit more durable and maybe change the spiral binding to something that won't come undone? because over time the spiral definitely tends to creep its way up or down out of the planner.