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  • Okay, but not in depth - Okay, but not in depth

    I was a little disappointed in this book since it was highly recommended to me by my doctor. It is a good overview of insulin resistance problem and explains the balance between carbohydrates and protein very well. I would have liked to see more detail on the diet itself, other than write down what you eat, balance carb w/protein, exercise, etc. I found the Good Carb Cookbook more helpful with the diet (recipes, GI tables,

  • Lauren - Perfect fit

    I had one of my OEM flaps crack and then get ripped off and have let it go without one for about a year while I agonized over spending $100 plus for one OEM flap. After a bit of looking around I came across these and decided to buy them based on the reviews. I am glad I did! These flaps are a perfect fit. They are a tad shorter than the OEM flaps and are made of a stiffer plastic. When installing, I found that the other flap was actually cracked too, so I'm glad I elected to get this pair. I didn't bother with the screws in the package, I just reused the OEM screws. The holes in the flaps were close enough to get everything bolted up, but not absolutely perfect. The fit, though, was dead on. I also purchased the suggested pop rivets and you should too if you are buying these flaps. There is no way to get the OEM rivets out without destroying them especially if your vehicle is a few years old. The 9.99 is well worth it and you have plenty of spares.

  • Dave B - Good Substance

    I bought this book before the April '11 test last spring and used it to study for that test. I went through all of the review tips and hints and took the practice tests given in the book. All of my practice test scores were all higher than my real ACT score. On the practice tests, I think I got a 26 on one and a 27 on the other, while I ended up getting a 24 on the real ACT test. I felt like the Math and Science sections were taught pretty well, but I didn't like the Reading or English sections that well. The Reading, especially was really confusing and the tips they gave me ended up hurting me more than helping me. Overall, I thought it was a good review before the test. Right now, I am in an ACT prep course which I would HIGHLY recommend. I like having a physical teacher there teaching you how to take the test the right way along with doing practice tests with you and explaining why a certain answer is right. I can already feel myself improving. So far, we have only covered Reading and English, and both of my scores have gone up. My English score has gone up from a 25 to a 32, and my Reading score has gone up from a 22 to a 25. If you can't take a class, then I would suggest this book, but if you can take a prep class, I would DEFINITELY recommend it.

  • A. Andrews - Love this stuff!

    I have dry mouth and cavity-prone teeth. I also hate flossing. This stuff leaves my mouth feeling refreshed and tasty, not burning or stinging like some alcohol-containing mouthwashes out there. Addresses the dry mouth and makes the dentist happy.