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Alec Sproten's Homepage | - Abstract Background: Illicit online marketplaces for drugs on the Tor network have been studied so far from a descriptive perspective and the only data

  • http://www.alec-sproten.eu/language/de/ Alec Sproten's Homepage | - Sproten, A.N., Schwieren, C. (forthcoming), "Age Differences in the Reaction to Incentives - a Test of the Successful Ageing Extension of Social Production
  • http://www.alec-sproten.eu/language/en/2016/01/18/how-abstinence-affects-preferences/ How Abstinence Affects Preferences | Alec Sproten's Homepage - “Science is not only a disciple of reason but, also, one of romance and passion.“ (Stephen Hawking) The context of the study Recently, the mass-media got
  • http://www.alec-sproten.eu/language/en/2015/11/24/how-hunger-affects-distributional-preferences/ How Hunger Affects Distributional Preferences | Alec Sproten's Homepage - Experimental economists have a long tradition of running experiments with monetary incentives, with a number of underlying assumptions and methodological
  • http://www.alec-sproten.eu/language/en/2015/11/24/accountability-and-pecuniary-sanctions-influence-fiduciary-money-management/ Accountability and Pecuniary Sanctions Influence Fiduciary Money Management | Alec Sproten's Homepage - Sandro Casal, Matteo Ploner and I investigated the conflict of interests between investors and fund managers which often arises in asset management. A main goal
  • http://www.alec-sproten.eu/language/en/2015/11/24/age-affects-decision-making-under-uncertainty/ Age Affects Decision Making Under Uncertainty | Alec Sproten's Homepage - Behavioral Evidence In an aging society, the extent to which aging affects financial decision making becomes increasingly important to understand. We (Carsten
  • http://www.alec-sproten.eu/language/en/2015/11/24/testing-social-production-functions-with-incentives/ Testing Social Production Functions with Incentives | Alec Sproten's Homepage - Background The “aging employee” has recently become a hot topic in many fields of behavioural research. With the aim to determine the effects of different
  • http://www.alec-sproten.eu/language/en/2015/11/24/the-effects-of-aging-on-decision-making/ The Effects of Aging on Decision Making | Alec Sproten's Homepage - A Selective Literature Overview With a growing part of the population getting older, the potential demands of older adults put increasing strain on already
  • http://www.alec-sproten.eu/language/en/2015/11/17/teaching-profile/ Teaching Profile | Alec Sproten's Homepage - I started teaching during my doctorate, when I developed the exercise of Prof. C. Schwieren's Neuroeconomics class. Since taking up the position of assistant
  • http://www.alec-sproten.eu/language/en/2015/11/17/research-profile/ Research Profile | Alec Sproten's Homepage - I am a behavioural scientist and I am used to applying methods from various fields (such as economics, psychology, endocrinology, or neuroscience) to the

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  • Michael - He gets constipated all the time because it turned out he is lactose intolerant like his ol' dada

    These are very hard to come by in any local store. They're always out of them. My 18mo old son has had poopie issues since he's been born. He gets constipated all the time because it turned out he is lactose intolerant like his ol' dada. Many formula products are milk base so we have to give 5 drops a day and we mix this with Miralax and voila. No more constipation issues.

  • I REALLY WANTED THEM TO WORK OUT THE BUGS - worse thing ever invented

    worse thing ever invented, dont waste your time or money this is bogus and you NEVER put acetone on your face, its made to take off nail polish! geez

  • Paul Raymond - great stove

    I had beans on one burner and rice on the other, and both cooked perfectly. Very nice stove, easy to clean, easy to use.

  • B. Crane - Didn't like it

    Cardboard characters with little depth of plot. I really wanted to learn more about that time frame and the start of the Tudors, but this was not the way to do it.

  • phatal - this is a gorgeous screen!!! this is ...

    this is a gorgeous screen!!! this is what I've been wanting for the Rpi and for my pc as an extra screen.

  • Dan Shields - Hate to hear how loud the pump would be without ...

    Hate to hear how loud the pump would be without it! At the very least you get some anti-stress line length.

  • J. Qualls - Very useful supplement to learning guitar

    This got me playing the guitar really quickly. I was surprised at how fast I got into the basics. It won't teach you sheet music, tabs or make you as good as a professional guitarist, but it is a very valuable supplement when starting out. Even if you're intermediate it will still help a lot on improving techniques such as hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, bends, etc. It's very useful in learning songs too. It's much quicker and easier than looking at tabs.