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  • Sam Bousak - Great machine best on the market

    This is a fabulous beard trimmer. It's more powerful than anything I ever used. I've tried the peanut and a few norelco trimmer but they're not even close to the power on this bad boy. It's advertised as a haircut kit but I can't see anyone using this for haircuts being that there's only 4 heads to chose from and it seems too short of a cut for most men's haircuts

  • Mike - Happy Mats....

    Very well made and fit very well. The only negative is the mats are made from more of a plastic type material, (shiny and slicker) than pure rubber, Because of this, they will probably stay newer looking for a longer time, and will probably resist staining and mud sticking to them better. Overall, I am very pleased, just had some notion that they would be more old style rubber mats like the Ford bed mat that purchased from Ford at purchase. Amazon is a much better place to shop than your local Ford dealership, however. Happy Happy Happy....

  • John Savage - Didn't work, Extremely expensive and Horrible customer service.

    I've lost almost $200 in this product. When I sighed up for a one month supply they automatically sigh you up for three month supply, so I was surprised when I got another package from them a month later. I tried to return it, but the customer service was a nightmare. They just gave me BS and kept trying to sell more of there product; in the end I just gave up. After I cancel my account I still got outrageous fees and changes, like some vitamins that they said where a "free gift", but really changed me $88. So besides costing me hundreds of dollars, this product didn't really work. You could spend way less money on a product that you can buy in a grocery store and it will probably work just as well if not better. So if you don't want to lose a ton of money and you want a product that works, I would stay far away from this one.

  • R. Hopkins - Good stuff!

    All natural sleep! I got this as a promotion and it is awesome. No dopey hangover and it really works. I like that it arrived quickly and I like how it helps me sleep gently and naturaly as I don't like feeling doped up and zombie like. This stuff just makes you feel sleepy. It does take a little while to kick in so plan ahead to take this about 20 minutes before bedtime but then it works just fine. The price is good too. I will be using this for awhile and will likely order more.

  • Adam Edward Cyr - So glad i got the international version

    Mailed out fast! Got it a day early! So glad i got the international version! And there is 4 reasons why.....