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  • guardinanangel - Very nice product, left my skin very smooth and moisturized.

    I've always wanted to try natural Shea Butter and I have to say I am very impressed with Buena Skin 100% Pure Shea Butter, a natural and organic product. If you've never used Shea Buttter in a pure form before, I will share my experience. It is very thick, somewhat gritty, and a little goes a long way. I like to take the product and rub it between my palms to warm it up first. That gets rid of the grit and essentially melts it into an easy-to-apply oil. I have also mixed it with almond oil and essential oils and created thinner, easier to apply body butter. I have certain areas of my skin that suffer from extreme dryness and regular lotion does not help. This product added moisture and made my skin glow. I am very pleased with the quality of this product and the product container. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a pure shea butter. Disclaimer: The seller provided this product at a discounted price in exchange for honest review and feedback. I have no personal or financial interest in the company or in anyone employed there.

  • Thomas D. Jones - Buyer's Remorse

    This game is quirky and has it's fun moments. I feel for the designers here because it had a long development cycle and has some depth to it but what the fine folks at EA have done is had a piece of artwork commisioned and then promptly upon receipt said "Thanks" and then took a dump on it by saddling it with their ridiculous DRM. I'm what I consider to be a rare breed, there is not a single piece of copied or pirated media in my house. I pay for everything knowing that by doing so I support or "vote" for the artists that I like best. As many reviews prior have stated, this 3 install limit mechanism and the sneaky way that the DRM is loaded to your machine essentially treats upstanding paying customers like myself as potential criminals and makes me pay for the sins of those that do not like to pay for their fun. I already pay a higher price per item to absorb the losses of the copies stolen by pirates. Now I have to endure more abuse at the hands of the publishers. Count me in the column of not buying any more EA products. I wish I had checked user reviews like this prior to spending my money and doing the install. Once again apologies to the developers.. it's a shame that EA has to spoil it for all of the legitimate users and buyers and force us to respond to their nonsense by thrashing the user opinion boards. Developers, keep up the good work and find a better employer. Publishers, keep up this DRM and you will hasten the death of PC gaming.

  • Wine Mama - You won't be disappointed!

    Oh I just stinkin love this thing. Let me tell you... I was using an old Cuisinart that kept butchering stuff in the food processor, so I found this deal for the Ninja system. I already used the individual serving cups to make my morning protein shakes so I moved that unit into my camper and played the system unit on my kitchen counter. I haven't used the blender attachment yet but I love both the cups and the food processor. Here's one thing I would tell Ninja to improve upon, though... The cups need lids! On my single unit, each cup has a lid, which is incredibly convenient when I leave the house with my shake, or make a smoothie or shake for my kids. So please improve upon this! On the plus side...the threads on one of my cups stripped so I emailed Ninja, and despite the fact that the cups are not covered under warranty, they sent me a new one at no cost since I had just purchased my system within a month or two of the cup breaking. Get it, you won't be disappointed!

  • Mr. G - It worked for me. Thank god

    I utilize various herbs in my daily life fairly often. I was skeptical about this drink but i thought id try it anyway.

  • Darrin Bryant - Achilles Tendon

    After years of scar tissue around my achilles which limited my range of motion and basketball was no longer fun. A good friend of mine recommended it to me as he found it help after having back surgery. His scar tissue wad greatly reduced and was convinced ir was the serrapeptase. So I gave it a try and after 2 weeks noticed more ankle flexibility, but also less scar tissue around the tendon.

  • Eddy van Manen - Not with MediaCom...

    I live in the Southeast and I've tried two of these modems. It is not compatible with MediaCom! This is probably a good product if it's compatible with your Internet service provider. If someone says that this modem IS compatible with MediaCom then I received two defective modems in a row :(