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Alpha Pro Solutions, Inc. is a training and consulting company dedicated to serving the alcohol and drug testing industies. - Alpha Pro Solutions, Inc. is a training and consulting company dedicated to serving the alcohol and drug testing, safety and health, and medical industries.

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  • Nick S. - Great classic bath mat, or math bat, or bath math bath mat bat.

    This is a rather heavy duty feeling shower bath mat. It's your standard classic style that I think has been in every home I've owned for at least 2 decades.

  • opiumkanobi - Suppresses appetite and quick noticeable results

    This product works! I have tried all the fad dietary supplements for a couple of years and they all turned out to be just that--a fad. Or else it gave me terrible headaches. Even with all the positive Amazon reviews, I skeptically ordered Garcinia Cambogia because of the value (180 capsule for under $30). At first, I regretted this purchase because it comes with a handout outlining that you should take one capsule before a meal before working up to 3 capsules/meal for the "weight-loss dosage" and I was expecting this to give me a headache. After the first day of taking the one dose/meal, my weight dropped. Seriously, no joke. I was actually eating more but the Cambogia was helping to metabolize the food faster and I was still feeling energetic, and most importantly, no headache. I spent the first week taking 1 capsule/meal and then stepped up to 2 capsules/meal the second week. Two weeks since starting Cambogia, I already lost 4 lbs without decreasing my food consumption or feeling hungry. At this point, I don't plan on doing the "weight-loss dosage" of 3 capsules/meal because I'm pleased with this gradual decline. Also, each capsule is 500mg, and I read some studies that discouraged taking more than 3000mg/day.

  • clubkobe - Why does this taste so bad?

    Tastes horrible. Maybe I got a bad batch. I tried it, yuck, put it aside, tried it again a couple months later, I felt like I was going to vomit. Out it went in the garbage, almost a full container. No idea if it works or not, as I just couldn't stomach it.

  • Kathy McGuire - Really like this self-tanner

    Really like this self-tanner. Have tried many, many self-tanners and I rate this one at the top. The color is beautiful and very natural looking. Go for it!

  • Vron - love the maps and travel options and guides

    Very thorough, love the maps and travel options and guides. Can't wait to visit and check out all of the recommended places