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  • Heather - Well written, well organized

    Don't let the size of this book fool you. It's hundreds of pages long and the font seemed big to me, but it's packed full of information. Definitely plan to take your time with this one, but it's well worth it.

  • Danny - The safest one. Great purchase!

    This seat is a "tank"! The safest car seat for the toddler ever tested, it's the only true 5 star side impact tested car seat I found on the market. The latches system is simply revolutionary. Stainless steel all around makes it very safe but rather heavy and thus suitable for a newer and larger SUV. Perhaps this car seat is not the one you will detach and travel with. However driving the highways or mountain roads just became much safer. Great design and look. Installation in forward facing position was quite easy as well. Superb purchase if safety is your priority.

  • swaff - Decent, but not amazing

    The UV protectant has started coming off after only a few weeks in not-that-harsh weather, and the spray nozzle on the "surface activator" gunked up after only 2-3 sprays to where it would not spray anymore. I am an avid DIYer, and followed the directions really closely and took my time, so it's not that I didn't do the process right...I've restored a lot of headlights. The tape that comes with the kit is more like electrical tape than painters tape. I would not use that on my car, and others have posted that it did indeed take off some of their car paint. The sandpaper that comes with this is rather small. I'm not sure what the "surface activator" actually is, but it smells alcohol based, so maybe just something like rubbing alcohol that is a good cleaner.

  • broncojo - I tried it and got rid of it.

    It made minimal changes to my PC's, Yes it does get ride of junk files but as for speed, not much. The super virus optional protection which comes with it but you need to turn it on I had on 3 of the PC's I installed it , it was a crap shoot whether virus protection would turn on or not. At times the software would request a reboot, never mention in any notation to why I had to reboot? it would request a reboot and this would fix this. It was a pain in the arce. AS for technical support, I couldn't find it, From what I got you had to submit a ticket. With this before I decided to ask for a refund under there 30 day guarantee, I searched for any complaint issues about PC Matic, you will find there are lots. You should go read them be for you purchase this software. Makes me believe this company is just another seen on TV products that spends millions on TV ad's to push a product that's not so good to attract people who are not good with computers technology or savvy shoppers. You will find many other software product that do the same as PC Matic and even better and they don't need to spend allot of money to sell it with TV. Just good reviews from honest people.

  • Sergio - This detox worked out great after the two week period

    This detox worked out great after the two week period. Loved the packaging of the tea packets. Plus the tea smelled and tasted great. Will for sure buy again.

  • Lorraine F. - Great leash I recommend it to anyone

    This Pet leash really exceeded my expectations the buckle fits my vehicle and easy to get on and off my dog The seat belt leash is adjustable making it the right size. The leash keeps my dog safe as she rides along with me while braking and making turning. I love the fact it keeps her in her space causing no distraction at all as I drive. The belt is sturdy and made of high quality nylon fabric is strong with a metal buckle. I got this at a discounted price for a honest review.

  • Italiano - Sickeningly Sweet -- didn't feel like the right treat for our family.

    So as a mom with three very busy and athletic kids, I am always in search for that perfect fit bar that has a balance of high proteins, vitamins and minerals and of course a great taste too. My two middle daughters love chocolate chip cookie dough, so I was convinsed they would love these FitJOY nutiriion bars. I was really looking to branch my kids out a little and add something new to their stash of bars. I hyped up the product and the kids were genuinely excited to each have a bar. They ripped open their bars and you could see the pure dissapointment upon first taste. They called them slimy, oversweetened, over worked protein bars. They were left with a sickeningly sweet aftertaste in their mouths. As a mom, I was so wanting the kids to love these. We are so dissapointed.