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Altitude Research Center - The Altitude Research Center studies hypoxia to improve health and performance. Latest updates on hypoxia research.

  • http://www.altituderesearch.org/about/altitude-clinic Altitude Clinic - at the altitude clinic you can get evaluated for a variety of altitude related (potential) problems

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  • toddsz24 - Cravings are gone!

    I've always had a problem with snacking in the evening but after I started taking this a couple weeks ago the cravings are gone. I'm now able to easily stick to my meal plan. Definitely worth the money for me.

  • Karen - Great Product-Greedy Company

    Great product-Greedy Company: We are so thankful for this product as it did change our daughter's colic and feeding in 24 hours. However, they changed the product to a new "fluffier" version. This version is harder to scoop to get a good, accurate amount. And, more importantly, there is less in each can. It seems they added fluff to increase the amount of space the product takes up so they can make more money. I emailed them and they claimed that it was a change in manufacturing and they sent me some 2 dollar coupons. But we all know that change was to make more money. Luckily the new "fluffier" version seems to still sit well with my daughter as the ingredients are the same. It just doesn't sit as well with my pocket book and it's beyond disappointing to know a company for children is just out to make money.

  • aflourchild - Awesome!

    Great book! It is useful in describing so many behaviors objectivelyin the healthcare field. I use it to decribe students' behaviors in class, incidents between staff members and visitors behaviors.

  • J. Martin - NOPE - NEVER AGAIN

    UPDATE - 02Mar14 - Since BitDefender and Kaspersky offer NO support. I was forced to find something that, AT LEAST, would work. Someone on the Amazon size suggested Webroot and I found a lot of GOOD information regarding both Webroot and F-Secure. I tried a test - without even purchasing anything, I logged onto the F-Secure site, and asked a question about installation and actually received a response. Something as a registered licensed user I would never receive from BitDefender or Kaspersky. Then, I down loaded a 30 day free trial and after trashing the Kaspersky trashware, I installed F-Secure and WHAT A DIFFERENCE.

  • thunder road - Windows native backup solutions are pretty lame, and it's imaging abilities (which allows you ...

    As an IT pro, I gotta say that failure to backup is dangerous. We all have so much of our lives digitized -- family photos, music libraries, etc -- that losing your PC can be a disaster. What's more, Windows native backup solutions are pretty lame, and it's imaging abilities (which allows you to move a PC's "image" -- data, programs, settings and all -- to a new PC requires Command Line skill and patience...

  • JRR_Brolkien - Big Cellucor fan - but this just doesn't work

    I'm a huge Cellucor fan. I've taken a few different products of theirs, always with great results. However, this super HD simply didn't work for me. I was very excited when I first purchased this because they were making such a big marketing push on this stuff. I took it and noticed no changes at all.

  • Mr. Mud Maker - Get Pampers or be ready to hug some doody

    The pampers swaddlers are our diaper of choice. They are easy to put on our son, they stay in place and don't ride low or ride up. The doody is contained within the diaper even with all the movement and kicking that he tends to do. the wetness indicator is a nice touch though I don't think it's needed as you can tell when he has peed or made stool as the absorbent material swells. We have tried other brands (all the big names and costco) and have had leaky and/or exploded business with all of them. Pampers is what we will stick with. They have a light scent and are compressed a bit when you take them out of the package so we leave them out of the package in a cupboard and the light scent dissipates quickly. (the scent is not unpleasant). All in all I am very happy with this product and would recommend them to anyone.