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Australian Medical Student Journal | The national peer-reviewed biomedical journal for students - The Australian Medical Student Journal (AMSJ) is an academic publication that accepts submissions from all Australian medical students, as well as students

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  • http://www.amsj.org/about/aims Aims | Australian Medical Student Journal - To provide a medium for Australian medical students to publish their work and share ideas with their peers. To provide a suitable forum for students to
  • http://www.amsj.org/about/news-and-events History of the AMSJ | Australian Medical Student Journal - Thursday 29th April, 2010 Official launch of AMSJ, at the Lowy Cancer Research Centre at UNSW Thursday 8th April, 2010 Inaugural issue goes to
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  • http://www.amsj.org/submission/selection-criteria Selection Criteria | Australian Medical Student Journal - The AMSJ editorial staff will select submissions based on criteria including but not limited to the following: Interesting subject matter, particular for a
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