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  • Amazon Customer - if I had paid this same price for four new bras i would be a much happier (and prettier) girl sitting here today

    My husband bought me a Dinair after I had bought and thus tried, Luminous Air. I found that Luminous was going to cost $582 plus the required monthly make up gouging were astronomical so Dinair appeared to be a solution with their more than half price reduction.

  • smilli - Best. Blush. Ever

    I love this blush. It is beautiful. I received a sample in my Ipsy bag and had to order a full size. I definitely recommend this product! I love the pinkish color with the amazing gold glow. Purchase one asap!

  • LionHeart - Great product.. would definitely recommend

    I have been using Visalus to fill the gap between dinner and the time I go to sleep. It has always been a difficult time for me. I always tend to snack from 6-10PM and I'm sure that was the reason I was overweight for so many years.

  • JEANIE - I still loved it! It's Lucy and Desi

    I've read lots of Lucy/Desi books, and while this book contained a lot of info I already knew (and lots I did not!!), I still loved it! It's Lucy and Desi! What's there NOT to love? A great read---one I will most definitely read again!

  • C Todd - Uppa G-lite, Joovy Groove Ultralight , Maclaren Mark II? Difficult decisions

    I struggled with making a decision on a stroller and scoured every review I could find online to make my decision. I was looking for a lightweight stroller for my two year son (who's as tall as a 4 year old). We had a trip to Disney world coming up so I had to make a decision faster than I would like. If not for the trip, I would debate it for a few more months...

  • Lala - In the nick of time!

    I purchased this product just in the nick of time. I get social anxiety fairly frequently. It worsens amongst crowds. This has led to me backing out of plans, and events, or fleeing for the door, once I arrive at functions.

  • Christine Benes - Very Poor Customer Service

    I bought this to extend a trial subscription on my new computer. I could not get it to install. I went to chat and they took control of my computer and said there was a problem with McAfee and try again in a few hours. I did this and again went to chat who tried to load it and told me I had to go to another part of the company. I called, a woman worked on it, and said it would install and hung up. It didn't work. I called again, someone spent a really long time on it and said I had to go to the antivirus section where I was told they could not help me, but would recommend someone I could pay. I was furious, asked to speak with a supervisor and was told there was no one available. I hung up. I looked up McAfee online and found an area that said all problems would be immediately dealt with. I sent my complaint and was sent the connection to go back to chat. No one has contacted me. Needless to say, I have now installed Norton's and wasted my money on this product.