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  • MomOfTwoSunz - Just What I Needed!

    My subscription was expiring and Norton had me under the automatic renewal. The price was way to HIGH! I don't know why they charge existing customer such a high price but anyway after checking on Amazon I found the right product at a much lower price. After purchasing all I had to do was enter the new product code. No issues at all. My advice is never renew through the actual company, I'll always purchase a new product key from Amazon from now on!

  • Dee Her - But my sister tried it and she didn't like it. She complained about runs to the bathroom

    First off, I have not tried the pills yet so I'll give an update when I do. But my sister tried it and she didn't like it. She complained about runs to the bathroom, curbing her appetite, and messing up her taste buds... and that EVEN WATER tasted weird so she stopped.

  • Carol a. - Popular Science subscription is a trap!

    They are using the automatic subscription renewal against my credit card. When I tried to un-subscribe they only canceled the short term subscription but not the longer term subscription. I still have to go back and un-subscribe again. This is difficult as there is no tab to un-subscribe. I discovered that the best way is to contact them directly. I am not very pleased with their system! I will not ever subscribe to a magazine again using my credit card do to the risks involved. I send them a check instead.

  • nick kesseru - Better ski than I could have imagined!

    These skis are awesome!! The just simplify skiing. They make a black diamond a blue and double blacks into single. Extremely responsive, super light and well, amazing! I mounted the head pivot 14's and they compliment each other perfectly. These skis are wider than I have owned before.

  • M. Stines - Great jacket!

    This jacket is wonderful! It's so light weight and flexible and you can take it where ever you want to go. My husband and I have this jacket and take it everywhere. I recommend this to anyone who wants to keep dry, cause it will sure do the job!