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  • S. Regn - Inscrutable

    A very thought provoking and discussion sparking read. I was talking to my food delivery guy, Ping, about what he thought was the biggest obstacle to market expansion in his native China. He said to me, very enigmatically, one word: "Sprinters". I can't for the life of me figure out what influence people who run track could have. Especially just short distances. Next time I order Moo Goo Guy Pan I'll see if he can explain further.

  • Rachel van Rookhuijzen - Great!

    Adorable book. Beautiful illustrations. Teaches children to see the world differently. Lovely perspective, lovely story. Fun to see a book that will help kids feel good about being small.

  • Rhonda M. - ... was skeptical of a non-OEM part but the fit perfect. It took longer to find the right torx ...

    I was skeptical of a non-OEM part but the fit perfect. It took longer to find the right torx than it did to put them on. Look good and perform better than expected.

  • Anne Butler - Green Solar Lights.....Go Green!

    When I saw the color we had to have them!! They match the trailer we are converting for camping!! I have these lights on my house in the plain old aluminum color and love them!! We have one in the backyard for the dog and one at the front door for us....coming home to many times in the dark with no lights on made the purchase decision easy! Who can beat free energy too!! The solar lights have not failed or dimmed on us! We will be taking the one we have on the trailer and replacing it this weekend. When you come back to camp and its dark as can be, these lights are also a great life saver!! I hate tripping over things! These are very easy to install and turn on, they provide the necessary screws and also the tool to turn the light on! I recommend these lights because they are inexpensive, provide light at a very low cost (FREE) and come on automatically!! I did receive this product at a discounted price in exchange for and honest review of the product.