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  • Basfrommobay - Unable to Install In Florida

    I bought two product keys and they cannot be installed. Everything on the keys were written in Spanish then partway through the install I got a message that software is not approved for my region. My region is Ft Lauderdale, Florida.

  • loftylanachgo - This worked to stop my kitty's spraying after we moved!

    After moving, one of my two kitties promptly began spraying/marking in the hallway of the new home. (The previous tenant had a cat; even new carpet didn't stop the behavior.) Feliway alone is not enough, though! It did ease the stress, mewling and did stop her from marking, due to stress of the move and possibly the scent of previous tenant's cat. KEY things to do for this problem: Make sure the litterbox is in a good location -- definitely NOT where a previous tenant had his (even if you've repainted and installed new carpet; cat still can detect other cat.) Also be certain that box is always immaculate. (I never had to scoop daily all these last 17 years, until this move; just sayin'.) When marking occurs, clean it immediately and use the proper stuff to get RID of that odor/neutralizer. Spray Feliway on the marked spot once a day. Plug in your diffuser in the marking area/s. Give a LOT of extra attention to your spraying kitty. I also used Bach's Rescue Remedy for pets in her food, two or three times a day. You know you're good to go when kitty starts marking the walls and doors with her *face* instead of pee. Feliway is awesome!

  • Amazon Customer - Great book for beginners

    I have been trying to learn AutoCAD but it seems sooo confusing. A friend recommended this book and I am very pleased with it. I can understand AutoCAD now. This book makes it so easy. I am sure it is not easy to write a book that makes AutoCAD easy for a beginner but this one does that. I really learned a lot. Now I am going to purchase the Advanced workbook.

  • Amazon Customer - LOVE MY RTIC!!

    Love it! Keeps my drinks ice cold! Even all day in the hot humid Michigan automotive factory that I work in

  • elgatof - It does the job

    I have been using this product for many, many years. I am kind of superstitious about tax software; the only time I switched I (not the software) made a big mistake and almost ended up paying taxes I did not owe. It is dead simple to use, and it comes with free federal e-file. I just wish that it came with free STATE e-file and for that, I gets a star knocked off, since I see that as a bait and switch tactic.

  • jessica Parsons - How'd have known?

    Used it for a week on one side of my face. I am amazed to see that I can see the difference. My jaw and check are tighter. I use it on my shoulder too for arthritis pain and it works great for that too. So far the effect lasts.

  • C. LEWIS - Misleading Title!

    I pre-ordered this item thinking it was the full 2016 NBA Finals, and at that time there were no reviews. However, when I received it and and before opening it, I decided to see if there were any reviews. I'm glad I did because it was stated this is a documentary, and not the true 2016 NBA Finals. The title "The Finals........." is misleading. It should have stated in the description that this was a documentary, and not the true NBA Finals. I quickly return it for a refund.