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  • Isabelle Z - Warning!! Lost serius IQ pointss

    Brain cels ded from reding book, mi IQ iused to bee geniuss level, butt now all seezed and dieyd frum Cory bernabi, cant reed anything nowe eyes dyed too frum too much stoopid. brain killedd eyess and brain. Pleas dont reed book yoe can cach diseese frm it kill yur brain

  • Victoria brueland - Must have

    This product is absolutely wonderful and exceeding expectations! I used the largest wand because I prefer beach waves and I have to say I'm in love. I would absolutely recommend this item! Great price and I received it in two days with prime membership!

  • Nathan - Great Oil

    I like this oil. There are other on the market but this one works just fine. For the price it is also a good buy.

  • Ignacio Curiel A. - Why more advertising? Too bad, Hallmark!

    I find it really annoying that the program is designed to print the "Hallmark" sign on the back of all the cards, no matter what you do to hide it. If I bought a licence to customize my cards, why should I keep advertising the brand? I agree that maybe a copyright sign might be necessary, but only with a small line at hte bottom of the last page. I think this is unfair and I don't like it at all. I wish I could return the program, but it seems that there are no returns for software purchased in Amazon (or any other store where you buy software AFAIK-As Far As I Know)

  • Lilith - If you use custard and gel together...

    this may require a small alteration in routine. I've been looking for a more affordable option than the Alaffia custard which I've used for years, so I decided to give this a try. Years ago, a stylist finally told me to use a custard AND a gel to get non-crunchy, frizz taming hold for my 3a/3b curls. That combo has worked wonders; however, when I did that with this product and the gel I currently use (Frizz Ease), is basically caused this product to separate which left white chunks in my hair that look like terrible dandruff. Thankfully, I figured out the cause and have started applying the custard then the gel which takes a but more time but works about the same. This product does work very nicely, and I like the fragrance except that it is too strong...I wish they would tone it down a notch. I prefer and am accustomed to products with little or no perfumey smell and may look for something else, but this will be ok if I can't find something else.

  • BGrif - Hard to share files

    After being on hold for 30mins to live chat, I found out that if you want to share a folder rather than a single picture, you have to zip the folder and open WinRAR and save to there to share! Why have a share option for just a single picture and not a folder! Stupid.

  • Evvie Gulley - Much thinner this year...

    My 11-year-old daughter loves to tell me all about the facts she finds in this book every year! However, this year the book is MUCH thinner than previous year's. Still has many, many interesting things in it and has a BEAUTIFUL cover!