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Dr. Bernardo Rocco - Urologia robotica - Milano - Informazioni sulle patologie urologiche e sul tumore alla prostata a cura del Dr. Bernardo Rocco, specializzato in chirurgia robotica.

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  • Amazon Customer - These are great shoes; extremely comfortable and lightweight

    These are great shoes; extremely comfortable and lightweight. My only issue is the material that the soles are made out of wear down pretty quickly. Don't expect to do any kind of intense activity like basketball, but casual wearing/running isn't an issue.

  • jt58lt59 - Dorco Pace 6 Plus-Six Blade Razor System is the BEST ever!

    As I hadn't heard of this brand before, I was slightly nervous about ordering this product but because of the incredible price, I thought I didn't have anything to lose in trying something new. I ordered 1 set for my husband and 1 set for myself. Prior to this I had been using a very well known brand and it didn't matter how often I changed the blade on the razor, I blade didn't always just "shave" but rather "pulled" out hairs which was painful. My husband and I are both extremely happy with the Dorco Pace brand and will be ordering more from this company in the future. The shave is very smooth and this razor actually shaves all the hairs....there aren't patches where it didn't shave. I'm still on my first blade and have shaved several times with it and probably still won't have to change the blade for awhile. But even when I do, I won't worry about it as the cost is just so incredibly low to replace the blades or even order a whole new pack. I will happily stay with the Dorco brand and I'm very happy that I decided to give it a try.

  • Darin - Amazon claimed it was new but I recieved it damaged

    i spent a lot on this book because it was listed as new, however when i received it the book was torn. The back 20 or so pages including the back cover of the book was ripped. The book is paperback and was just thrown into a box without any packing at all. The edges show signs of where the book had been beat around in the box during the shipping. Overall i am very disappointed with amazon on this purchase. I have ordered a lot from them in the past and have never had any troubles like this before.

  • I actually PAY for my purchases - Good monitor if the price is right.

    i recently purchased the Best Buy version of this monitor (i2367F, which lacks HDMI input and internal speakers). I'll only comment on issues that should be common to both. As others have said, the thin bezel is misleading due to the 1/4" border that appears when the monitor is on. This isn't a deal breaker for me, but along with the lack of VESA mounts, will likely make this monitor unsuitable for those wanting a 'seamless' multi-monitor setup. -1 Star for misleading bezel.

  • steven stover - unless your radiator is in very good condtion. it will just finish plugging up every ...

    unless your radiator is in very good condtion. it will just finish plugging up every thing but your leak.. or crack plugged my radiator and block had to flush block and have radiator rebuilt may work for different problem .