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  • Anne Milne - Really Good

    I'm not really sure what I expected from this book but it surpassed my expectations, paranormal isn't my first choice of genres but I may have been converted. If you like stories about vampires, vampire hunters you'll love this, throw in forbidden love and you have all the ingredients for a great story.

  • nathan - I like it, I like it a lot.

    The FinalMouse is certainly something that I am glad to have tried out. I now use it as my daily driver for not only gaming in WoW, Quake, and Starcraft, I use it at my workplace! In addition to my tablet the FinalMouse is the newest addition to my work table. I am the content editor for a travel magazine. Using this product in gaming and Photoshop has been an easy and beneficial transition. I like it, I like it a lot.

  • Afool&hismoney - How slow can you go?

    If you enjoy having your web surfing experience slowed to a crawl, Mcafee Family Protection is just the thing. Furthermore, it fails to filter all browsers so if you have multiple browser choices, chances are that unfiltered web surfing is just a click away. After much hunting, we switched to Qustodio. Not only did the free version do the job for us, Qustodio works on Apple products as well as PC's so if you have multiple devices it is one stop shopping. Best of all, it doesn't noticeably slow down the performance of PCs or Ipad whatsoever! If I were rating Qustodio, I would give it 5 stars.

  • Should Be Doing Laundry - Most cost effective, least build up

    I love this product for my daughters' 3c and 4b hair. And even mine. This stuff is light weight but does the job. It is so darn inexpensive it's hard to want to buy anything else anyway. Compared to Shea Naturals leave in, I choose this one.

  • Dee Dee - Great tune from a great group

    Great tune from a great group! Imagination Movers is my son's favorite dvd and he knows the words now so he sings and dances along. Really wish their show was still on tv, they are positive role models instead of the brats they constantly show on Disney Channel nowadays

  • Magicbird - Great for those old Mary Tyler Moore episodes when you want them.

    I used my Rabbit for about 3 months before we got satellite TV. I don't know if the programs change or not from month to month, but I did get to see a bunch of old Mary Tyler Moore shows that I missed 2 or 3 decades ago. The Rabbit was worth the purchase price. I haven't used the Rabbit in recent months because I have a huge backlog of stored movies and Judge Judy episodes on our new satellite TV that I have to work through while I'm on my exercise bike. But I enjoyed having the Rabbit, and I'll probably use it again in the future. I know there are critics out there that say the shows are accessible without the Rabbit--ie., the Rabbit isn't necessary to view the shows--but you have to be able to find the shows before you can watch them, and the Rabbit could find them for me when I couldn't find them on my own.