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BrainTrust Canada | Serving people living with brain injury. - We're a progressive community agency dedicated to preventing injury and maximizing independence for people living with brain injury.

  • http://www.braintrustcanada.com/about-us/ About Us | BrainTrust Canada - We're a national leader in injury prevention and provide the professional guidance and training required for effective and meaningful brain injury support.
  • http://www.braintrustcanada.com/about-us/staff/ Staff | BrainTrust Canada - BrainTrust Canada employs staff in clinical, support and management positions. We offer a comprehensive orientation and training protocol for our staff.
  • http://www.braintrustcanada.com/about-us/volunteers/ Volunteer Opportunities | BrainTrust Canada - Volunteers share time, energy and skills with people who have brain injury and their families, as well as our education and prevention programs.
  • http://www.braintrustcanada.com/about-us/careers/ Careers | BrainTrust Canada - We are an innovative and highly progressive team, providing leadership in service development and injury prevention.Resumes can be submitted to: #11 - 368 Industrial Ave Kelowna, BC, V1Y 7E8 or [email protected]
  • http://www.braintrustcanada.com/programs-and-services/ Organizational Programs | BrainTrust Canada - BrainTrust's organizational programs include Direct Support to Individuals & Families, Community Education & Prevention, and our Research Centre.
  • http://www.braintrustcanada.com/programs-and-services/direct-support-to-individuals-and-families/ Direct Support to Individuals & Families | BrainTrust Canada - We assess the impact of injury on daily functioning, identify areas of support required and implement unique strategies for individual difficulties.
  • http://www.braintrustcanada.com/programs-and-services/community-education-and-prevention/ Community Education & Prevention | BrainTrust Canada - Learn about BrainTrust Canada's Community Education, Professional Education and Social Marketing programs.
  • http://www.braintrustcanada.com/event/ Events Calendar | BrainTrust Canada - BrainTrust Canada holds a number of events throughout the year for injury prevention, education, & public awareness. Check out our calendar to learn more.
  • http://www.braintrustcanada.com/media/ BrainTrust Canada | Media Campaigns | Public Service Announcements - BrainTrust Canada is actively involved in public service announcements and media campaigns to promote prevention of brain injury.
  • http://www.braintrustcanada.com/media/prevention-campaigns/ Prevention Campaigns | BrainTrust Canada - Our Protect Your Head social marketing program is a highly respected program that garnered seven international awards.
  • http://www.braintrustcanada.com/media/education-initiatives/ Education Initiatives | BrainTrust Canada - BrainTrust Canada holds a number of education initiatives through a variety of programs suitable for different age groups. Learn more here.
  • http://www.braintrustcanada.com/donate/donate-a-car/ Donate A Car | BrainTrust Canada - Donate A Car Canada accepts vehicle donations for BrainTrust Canada Association. DONATE NOW at www.donatecar.ca and BrainTrust Canada will gratefully send you a valuable tax receipt after your car donation is complete!
  • http://www.braintrustcanada.com/contact-us/ BrainTrust Canada | Kelowna B.C. | Vernon B.C. | Contact Info - Contact information for BrainTrust Canada's Kelowna and Vernon offices is available here.

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