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  • Tony D - OK - But there are better alternatives

    This is the first book of this type that I've bought that didn't have an index. When I get a book like this I sometimes want to quickly check out high blood pressure or high cholesterol - but no index in this book.

  • quezya l miner - ACNE? Get the NIGHT SOLUTION

    I've been using Mary Kay for years now and at first I didn't even bother with using this set and returned it stating that I needed to use my acne medicated stuff instead. Then after getting this set again due to much convincing I discovered that the night solution CLEARS UP MY SKIN so fast that it was a miracle. I ordered this last week and it got to me super fast. I applied it to my entire face which was suffering after using too much Tylenol (it hurts your liver which is the bodies cleaner, if it can't clean then the toxins/bad stuff tries to exit the body in other ways, ie through your skin and you get acne). It was the worst my skins been in a year and within one night 50% of the acne and redness was gone. I've used almost a third of the bottle so far to help my skin get better faster and its working its magic. EVERYONE should use the NIGHT SOLUTION it has antioxidants essential for skin's renewal process in it. As for the day stuff I don't go in the sun so I don't bother using it.

  • Judy Simpson - I like it but

    I like it but, the expense is going to bring it to a halt for me. I don't think people will continue to buy it because of the cost. There should be less expense in the packaging and handling so people can continue to buy this product. Going back to regular coffee. Hope they can bring the price down way down! I will miss it.

  • Sylviah M. - not a big fan

    When i first got it i realized i got the wrong product, meant to get Blemish Control and tried to return it but Amazon let me keep it and just refunded me. Im not a fan of the strong smell it makes me scared to apply to my face but ive tried it once so far and it's really rough and gritty so i'll only use it once in a while.

  • ToniToni - and so they say the finer things in life are very hard to find...

    Amazing after-taste. A hint of lemon. More hint of chocolate. Sweet, enticing aroma. Delicately distinguished coffee flavor. What more can anybody ask for from this damn good coffee? MORE FREAKING STOCK!