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  • Chris D. - user friendly, but not obtaining the key code

    Maybe I'm just download illiterate, but the last couple times I purchased Kaspersky online, I've had a difficult time getting the key code on Kaspersky's website for my husband's HP laptop. Once I did obtain the key code, the internet security is excellent. No complaints. I just have 1 comment, please make it easier (Kaspersky, not Amazon) to obtain the key code on Kaspersky's website.

  • Londa Hayden - Reader's response...

    This book was downloaded upon purchase. It was easily moved into my kindle, where I can read it with ease.

  • Rorschach Failed - It does not work! Wast of money!

    I have seven dogs 70lb to 120lb . We live in a high Tick and Flea area. All dogs got a Seresto collar in March. Right away I found some Ticks on them - but I wanted to give the collar some time to work and waited... By june I found more and more fat Ticks on them - alive and happy! By July all had Fleas! Going back to Spot ons. Never had a flea problem before.....

  • Sheila - Gift for daughter and she loved it!

    According to my teen, this is the best "Just Dance" yet, she loves the music and the dances. I've tried it with her and I agree, it's lots of fun, great stress reliever, party game, family night fun, or just whenever you feel like dancing! Great way to get some exercise too! I'd recommend to anyone that wants an active, fun, video game.

  • 2Wheeler - Buyer Beware!

    This is the definitive text on Excel 2010. It is both lucid and thorough in its coverage of the world's leading PC spreadsheet software. Unfortunately, the publisher and Amazon have chosen to penalize the user for buying the Kindle edition. I bought an iPad primarily to be able to use ebooks instead of having to lug around heavy texts such as this one. Hence, I was ready to buy the Kindle edition until I realized that it didn't include the contents of the CD that accompanies the printed edition. The CD includes numerous examples, formulas, and VB programs that are referred to extensively in the text. It also includes a searchable PDF file of the entire text, which you can load on your PC and/or iPad. Amazon cleverly hides this information by requiring you to click on a Show More link at the bottom of the book description section. So, if you buy the Kindle edition, you miss critical accompanying information and you don't get the PDF, which would be very useful when you're working at your PC. Moreover, since the PDF can be loaded on your iPad, you in effect get both the printed book and the electronic book for just $1.22 more than the price of the Kindle edition. When I asked Amazon's customer service representative why Amazon doesn't fix this, he said it's the publisher's fault and that Amazon can't do anything about it except transmit customers' negative feedback. As it turns out, there are a number of instances where books that include a CD with the printed edition don't include the CD contents with the Kindle Edition, and not just from this publisher.

  • Judith Inman - Too much confusion with measurements!

    Extremely disappointed in this cookbook. While the recipes are wonderful, Mr. Brown has chosen to mix grams (metric) with the way I have cooked for 65+ years, the American way, i. e., cups, tablespoons, etc. This means replacing measuring cups and spoons so I can use this cookbook. He indicates in the foreword that this is the way he cooks. Well, how about taking into consideration the folks who purchase the book!