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Capital Eye Consultants - Tallahassee Eye Doctor and Opthamologists Specializing In Vitreous, Macular, Retina, Uveitis, Cataracts, and Glaucoma - Capital Eye Consultants - Tallahassee Eye Doctor and Opthamologists Specializing In Vitreous, Macular, Retina, Uveitis, Cataracts, and Glaucoma

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  • Amazon Customer - Try several backup programs before you commit to one.

    After purchasing a 1TB external USB drive so that I can make backups of my (64bit) laptop's 500GB HDD, I've been trying out many different backup programs.

  • B. Mortinson - horrible in my opinion

    I bought this product from walmart. I used to not be one to look at the label but I was a littler nervous by the fact that it says to caution due to possibly choking on it... etc... or to drink a lot of water to prevent choking. Well, Im not sure if theres anything in this that really helps to lose weight. Once I took it and had been sick (not due to this pill i was just under the weather). Anyways, I threw up and you know what I found? This nice little pill expands into a shape and size similar to a cheeto puff.... which Id assume is why you feel fuller is because this stuff expands to take up room in your stomach, and probably why there is a risk of choking bc if it expanded in your throat like that it would be bad. Now again, I had no effects from this, and once I threw it up and saw what it really was, I was very disappointed. Fact is, Ive taken products that literally suppress your appetite where even if you are emotional the thought of eating wont come to mind. This product, which takes up space in your stomach to make you feel full, if you are an emotional eater, wont do a thing. Bc full or not u will still eat, that is the difference. I believe that is all this product is, is something to expand and take up space in your stomach. Which worries me about what it could be possibly doing in my digestive tract. Just my thoughts, and experience, nothing concrete or based on some knowledge about the ingredients. Its what happened with me and the impression I got. I have the bottles sitting up in the cupboard bc Im a pennie pincher Im sure ill find someone to give them to if they feel that its good for them, but its not for me.

  • MookieL - Clear Bumps and Irritations Naturally!

    I sometimes get acne, bumps and irritations from facial hair removal. This clears them up or even prevents them from happening if I use it after every waxing. It's 100% natural, takes 10 minutes, and you don't have to use much product. I'm on my third tube and will continue to repurchase. Happy to have this in my arsenal!

  • Sam Bagwell - Greedy & Unethical

    Update: 9/25/2015 Same old thing. I upgraded to 2015 because Enhanced Payroll individually costs more than QuickBooks Pro w/ Enhanced Payroll. Again they demanded a credit card number before they would allow the purchased package to function. They said they would NOT charge the card, but 60 seconds later I see a charge on my card. It was only $1.00, but it is pretty good revenue to steal a dollar from every customer.