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  • Kendall Cork - Great GC supplement!

    Almost any company that makes supplements has their version of Garcinia Cambogia. This will definitely work as Vitovia makes a great strong product. This means that this is more pure and you will be getting and see many more benefits. After starting to take this, within the first few days I noticed my energy levels improving. This wasn't a caffeine type energy, just an overall well being and alertness. I also noticed I wasn't snacking as much between meals. These pills don't have much of a smell nor does it give a foul aftertaste that some give. I have a feeling with a much regular and extended use, I will start reaching my weight loss goals. This is something that actually works and isn't just a fad. This is a healthy alternative to a slow, steady, and maintainable weight loss. You will definitely see results without adding extra exercise or changing your diet, but it will work much faster with that.

  • Kindle Customer - Great product!!

    My 81 year old brother uses Australian Cream, he has very sensitive skin, breaks out with every other products he has tried. I got him started on Australian Dream and it works so well for him that I will make sure he never runs out. Thank you so much for making this product.

  • R. Mattingly - tedious and difficult

    8+ it said. Literally no part of this project was 8+. No, that's not fair - testing the ear piece was something my 9 year old did alone. He also curled the wire ends. The rest of the project was completed by me, and it was frustrating, tedious and difficult. Then, after a couple hours of slowly building rage, I finished. Only to have this crappy, cheap, piece of junk not work. I would never intentionally spend $10 to infuriate myself for two hours, but that's exactly what I did. This was the actual worst.

  • Mommers - Great For Dogs With Allergies

    I use this product for my dog that has allergies and repeated ear infections. When used as directed the itching almost comes to a complete halt. The product is not a cure, but provides much needed relief. I repeat the process of shampooing at 3 day intervals for 1 week about every 3-4 months and will only use this product to bathe my dog.

  • APalmo - fit my car perfectly

    This worked perfectly in my 03 mustang the storage compartment is also nice. I wish though that the radio was on top and the storage compartment on the bottom as it seems right now its backwards. Would purchase again but i think next time i would buy a radio that is a double din and not a single din.