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Citizens Commission on Human Rights - South Africa. Investigating and exposing psychiatric human rights abuse since 1969. - CCHR - Citizens Commission on Human Rights - Investigating and exposing psychiatric human rights abuse since 1969.

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  • Matt - love it!

    I was using scotts on my newly laid sod and yes some of it got burned even after proper distribution. After reading up about the negative effects of synthetic fertilizer to soil I decided to go natural and try out milorganite. Let me tell you my lawn has never looked fuller and greener. I get complimented all the time of how great my lawn looks. It is also great for water retention. It really improves the soil quality...try it out its great. I put down a bag a month to keep my lawn healthy.

  • Danny - Nice shoes

    I Like my new Shimano shoes, It is what I hope. I bought it and Its fit as expected. I'm so happy with my new cycling shoes. Let's to enjoy them

  • J. Lewis - Glad to see that it is made in the

    Fit my 2016 2500 with the cummins perfectly. This is how these trucks should come from the factory instead of having that cheap plastic cap. You can tell that time was put into the manufacturing of this product. Fit and finish are top notch. Glad to see that it is made in the USA

  • Lyndasn - Quickbooks for small business

    I am so happy to have their help in even the smallest maters. They do not care how long it takes they will make sure you are satisfied. This makes my life much easier.

  • Devyniti - Allergic Reaction & Super Stinky!

    I wish I could have tried it longer but when I put it on, it caused my skin to feel a burning sensation. I thought maybe it was a combination of products that I may have been applying but it wasn't because I tried it for several times after that with nothing else and all resulted with the same burning. Not only that, this formula is the stinkiest product I've ever encountered and it makes me think that it's full of chemicals. Definitely only use it before bed because this will turn folks away.

  • Angela - Good book, just not for me

    I was looking forward to reading this Christmas book, but it wasn't what I expected. It had a great message, however I just couldn't connect with the characters, or the story. Julia seemed too perfect, always upbeat and happy, but at the same time she was judgemental and didn't hesitate to use him for her own gain. She didn't stop to think that maybe there were reasons for Cain not wanting to be happy and enjoying the holidays, and decided that because she liked them that everyone else should too. All the while, she's using him as a test subject for her blog, without his knowledge, trying to land her perfect job. I'm not against helping others get into the spirit of the holidays, but I also don't believe in interfering in others private lives, or using people and their emotions for personal gain. 

  • Arietta Kincaid - A good feeling way to hold the moisture on your skin

    I've used this product for several years and enjoy it. I only buy it on sale and find that I can make a container last for a couple of months, minimum. It's a serum to be spread very thinly over the face, not a cream to slather on. I wish the ingredients were listed, because I tend to think it is not much different than putting a light coating of Vaseline or a similar substance on my face--at least, that's the way it feels to me. A test on my hands showed me that the back of the hand with the serum looked less dry hours later, so I do believe it does a good job of retaining moisture and minimizing lines as a result.