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Center for Clinical and Translational Science | From Bench to Bedside - Improving community health through clinical research and resources, medical research education and services for clinical translational research.

  • http://www.ccts.uic.edu/content/uics-hub-clinical-translational-research UIC's Hub for Clinical & Translational Research | Center for Clinical and Translational Science - CCTS supports health equality through translational science resources, support for medical grant and health research funding and clinical research services for researchers and clinical investigators.
  • http://www.ccts.uic.edu/content/ccts-research-service-cores CCTS Research Service Cores | Center for Clinical and Translational Science - The CCTS strives to accelerate the translation of scientific discoveries into innovative diagnostics and therapies, disease prevention and improved
  • http://www.ccts.uic.edu/content/ccts-resources CCTS Resources | Center for Clinical and Translational Science - The Office for the Protection of Research Subjects (OPRS) provides support for the approval of research involving human test subjects and embryonic stems cells.
  • http://www.ccts.uic.edu/node/299 Research Education & Careers in Health (REACH) | Center for Clinical and Translational Science - CCTS’s Research Education and Careers in Health (REACH) studies program at UIC in Chicago offers courses on clinical research, translational research and community health studies.
  • http://www.ccts.uic.edu/content/how-use-resource-repository How to Use the Resource Repository | Center for Clinical and Translational Science - The Resource Repository is a database of CCTS, University of Illinois, National Institutes of Health, and federal translational research services a
  • http://www.ccts.uic.edu/repository/ui-biorepository UI Biorepository | Center for Clinical and Translational Science - Clinical-translational researchers can acquire bio specimens and bio samples for medical research through the UI Biorepository, which stores and provides tissue and biological samples for investigators.
  • http://www.ccts.uic.edu/repository/biomedical-informatics Biomedical Informatics | Center for Clinical and Translational Science - The center for clinical informatics provides help in clinical research design, obtaining clinical data, preparing grant proposals and finding collaborators for medical research design.
  • http://www.ccts.uic.edu/repository/translational-research-resources Translational Research Resources | Center for Clinical and Translational Science - The UIC Translational Technologies and Resources Core provides resources for translational research to aid medical research and health research.
  • http://www.ccts.uic.edu/repository/uicentre-drug-discovery-uic UICentre- Drug Discovery at UIC | Center for Clinical and Translational Science - UICentre supports the application of chemical, pharmaceutical, and translational knowledge to elevate biomedical discoveries to enhance human health and benefit society.
  • http://www.ccts.uic.edu/repository/clinical-research-center Clinical Research Center | Center for Clinical and Translational Science - The Clinical Research Center provides a safe environment for research involving medical research subjects and offers resources to investigators to complete clinical research studies.
  • http://www.ccts.uic.edu/repository/design-analysis-core Design & Analysis Core | Center for Clinical and Translational Science - The Design and Analysis Core at the UIC Center for Clinical and Translational Science provides medical research design services.
  • http://www.ccts.uic.edu/repository/regulatory-support-advocacy-core Regulatory Support & Advocacy Core | Center for Clinical and Translational Science - CCTS’s Regulatory Support and Advocacy Services provide services for complying with medical requirements and medical research education and training.
  • http://www.ccts.uic.edu/repository/recruitment-retention-services Recruitment & Retention Services | Center for Clinical and Translational Science - The Recruitment, Retention and Community Engagement Program at UIC emphasizes a community-based clinical research studies to provide quality health studies education.

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