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IVR Systems for Clinical Trials | IRT Platform | Cenduit - Cenduit is the top provider of IVR Systems for Clinical Trials in the world. Gain control over their Randomization and Trial Supply Management (RTSM) process!

  • http://www.cenduit.com/request-demo Contact Us To Request a Demo | Cenduit - Your success is our top priority. Complete this short form and tell us more about your needs. Cenduit will reply to you within one business day.
  • http://www.cenduit.com/irt-help-desk Contact Us | Request Help | Cenduit - Our staff is well trained to resolve issues relating to your clinical study. You have real-time access to the IRT help desk 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • http://www.cenduit.com/careers Careers - We want people who are passionate about delivering specialized IRT services to clients, so they can bring life-improving medicines to patients.
  • http://www.cenduit.com/irt-solutions IRT Solutions | IVR Solutions | Cenduit - Proven over years of extensive real-world trial experience, our robust IRT solutions are highly configurable with lightning fast set-up times.
  • http://www.cenduit.com/cenduits-irt-platform Cenduit's IRT Platform | IVR System | Cenduit - Out of the box, Cenduit's IRT Platform (CIRT2) meets the needs of almost any study, enabling fully validated deployment measured in days, not weeks.
  • http://www.cenduit.com/irt-randomization IRT Randomization for Clinical Trials | Cenduit - Our biostatistician experts tailor your study goals based on in-depth knowledge of regulatory guidelines, methodologies, and study design strategies.
  • http://www.cenduit.com/drug-accountability Drug Accountability and Returns Management (DARM) | Cenduit - Cenduit Drug Accountability and Returns Management provides visibility into study medication activities throughout a trial's entire lifecycle.
  • http://www.cenduit.com/trial-supply-management Trial Supply Management | Cenduit - Our IRT Project Managers know where every unit of study drug is at any time. We make sure every patient has the right medication, every study visit.
  • http://www.cenduit.com/reporting-forecasting Reporting & Forecasting | Cenduit - Sponsors, CROs, and investigators need access to the same clinical data, in real time. Our Web-based platform increases precision and visibility.
  • http://www.cenduit.com/integration Cloud-based IVR Integration Technology - Cenduit's expert trial integration streamlines processes, and combines data from disparate sources, generating powerful reports and analytics.
  • http://www.cenduit.com/patient-engagement Patient Engagement | Cenduit - Cenduit patient management solutions improve patient retention up to 59%, from enrollment to closeout, resulting in fewer patients lost to follow-up.
  • http://www.cenduit.com/professional-services Professional Services | Cenduit - Our team focuses on generating solutions to complex problems, developing new tools, facilitating complex integrations, and maximizing your investment.
  • http://www.cenduit.com/cenduit-focus Cenduit Focus | IRT Expertise | Cenduit - Seeing things others don't is critical to your clinical trial. We see issues before they arise, and create a solution to keep your study on track.
  • http://www.cenduit.com/irt-expertise IRT Expertise | IVR Expertise | Cenduit - We have the systems, software and staff to ensure your supply chain is optimized and that every patient gets the right treatment, on time, every time.
  • http://www.cenduit.com/innovative-solutions Innovative IVR Solutions | Cenduit - We combine the right people with the right process for amazing innovations. "How can we solve this problem better than anyone else?" is our motto.
  • http://www.cenduit.com/quality-commitment Quality Commitment | Cenduit - Quality delivery includes automated study checks, collaboration with clinical and supply chain PMs, risk management and strong procedural controls.
  • http://www.cenduit.com/worldwide-reach Worldwide Reach | Cenduit - Cenduit interacts with over 600,000 patients at over 32,000 investigator sites worldwide. Cenduit IRT expertise is global in scope, but local in delivery.
  • http://www.cenduit.com/happier-sites Happier Clinical Sites | Cenduit - Intuitive IRT helps sites comply with protocols, reduce errors and improve quality. Over 280 sites surveyed were “Very Satisfied” with Cenduit IRT.
  • http://www.cenduit.com/about-us About Us | Cenduit - Cenduit has created a suite of tools that drives the highest levels of sponsor control, site efficiency and patient compliance in Clinical Trials.
  • http://www.cenduit.com/leadership Leadership | Management | Cenduit - Our team includes CEO Jogin Desai, Senior VP Sharad Gupta, VP's Mike Ederle, Jim Graffam, Lori Wilkinson, and Chris Dailey, Global Head of Technology.
  • http://www.cenduit.com/locations Locations | Offices | Cenduit - Cenduit's global locations include RTP, NC, San Diego, CAL, Allentown, PA, Basil, Switzerland, Bangalore, India, Shanghai, China, and Tokyo, Japan.

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  • Susan Stipp - Looks nice

    I had downloaded 2013 upgrade and it crashed my computer. This time I was able to download 2014 and it went smoothly. I still hate the fact that QB makes me upgrade every couple of years. We don't have nearly the amount of customers we had back 20 years ago and to spend this kind of money to just keep invoicing with emailing available for a quarter of those customers really stinks. I figure buying the 2014 will give me a couple extra years and hopefully by then we will be retired.

  • DavidZ - Intuit's Service Discontinuation Policy

    QuickBooks Product Manager, Greg Wright, says that Intuit's service discontinuation policy saves company costs. That's nonsense. Intuit could easily just stop supporting legacy versions as virtually all other software companies do. That would cost nothing. Zero. There's no cost in stopping future support. Disabling working services, on the other hand, takes programming time, and, therefore, incurs company costs.

  • Michael Parks - No numpad? No problem!

    So this is my first ever "half" (no numpad) keyboard. Part of the reason I got it is that I wanted more space for my mouse, and I figured that if I ended up missing the numpad keys too much, I could just return it.