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  • Amazon Customer - Works great, looks great.

    I've had zero problems with reception versus the factory antenna. The look is great and exactly what I wanted.

  • Sandra R. Nichols - Works well

    This product works very well on my dog. Its taken some time to work on the tarter, but the breath smells so much better! And she would rather I put this on with my finger than with a tooth brush or finger tooth brush - which she hated. Thank you!

  • Alexandria - Don't fall prey to ignorant reviews.

    I've only been taking it a little while and I didn't look at the reviews before I bought it. And I'm glad I didn't. Immediately after taking I noticed more energy than normal and less of an appetite. If anyone thinks one pill is going to make them "melt" fat off you're completely ignorant and probably lazy as well because you don't want to diet and exercise. And if you're doing all of these things and still not losing weight and you've seen a nutritionist and personal trainer, I suggest you see a doctor just in case you have a thyroid issue. This has green tea extract in it which is supposed to suppress your appetite. And the probiotics are just supposed to aid in digestion. If you eat a lot of yogurt and other things containing live cultures this won't change anything pertaining to digestion.

  • Kramercito - Does not work for baseballs

    This broke the first day we used it. It threw tennis ball ok, but baseballs could not handle. As soon as we put the baseballs in, the machine died.